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By Bossk67
Having joined the forum, I feel it is good manners to introduce myself, especially as I have become a regular viewer of the rebel recap podcast; and have found myself lurking on the forum of late.

In the real world, I go by the name of Warren and I am a Brit in my 40s, who is currently resident in Amman, Jordan. My wife works for a large international aid charity and we moved out here at the beginning of 2015 so she could take up a regional role working on the refugee crisis in Syria.

Although a long-time Star Wars fan, I am a relative newbie to the world of modern star wars figures. I was 10 when Stars Wars first landed in 1977, and so became an owner of a few [long since gone] OG figures from the first movie, but had moved onto [Atari et all] video & computer games by the time ESB & ROTJ were released. It was the announcement of the new movies and release of the first TFA teaser trailer that piqued my interest and I decided then, that I liked the idea of picking up a few figures when the new movie landed in 2015. In the interim, I thought it would be cool to pick up some figures from the OG movies. The last time I had looked in toy stores [when buying birthday presents for children of friends] it seemed to be wall-to-wall figures everywhere, so I assumed I would be able to stroll into any toy store in the UK [where I was living at the time] and have a choice of pretty much any character! It came as a bit of a surprise when I discovered that the opposite was true; there were hardly any figures to be found anywhere.

Over the last 10 months, I have though started to acquaint myself with the both the OG and modern figures from the last few years. I have started to buy loose OG figures on eBay, alongside the new Black Series & Rebels figures in stores or on-linw. My original intention was to solely collect 3.75" figures, but their lack of availability led me to purchasing the 6" line, which I subsequently came to really enjoy. Moving to Amman further limited the availability of new releases - no new figures since 2013 releases can be found in Amman - but bizarrely did open up access to a number of Legacy Collection figures, which were peg-warming in a number of stores locally! As things stand my collection stands at around 50 figures.

In summary I am a newbie to the hobby, who is still quite enthralled by the whole thing. I am laissez faire on the SA versus 5POA debate. I can plainly see the attraction of the former; but have no objection to the latter. Where some see 'rubbish', I just tend to see 'retro'. Overall, I was happy enough with sculpt and paint on the Rebels figures, to have purchased the vast majority of then ones I could get my hands on. TFA figures are unlikely to land in stores in my part of the world for a month or two (Star Wars not that big here with the kids); so in the interim I will attempt to pick-up a few on-line and have them shipped out here.

Looking forward to contributing at least a little to the forum!
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