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Hi Fellow Star Wars Fans,

I'm Carrie, my partner is Darrin, and we're model builders. Right now we're working on perfecting the Six Foot Imperial Star Destroyer, I'll finally have good pictures to show what we can build next week. Darrin's got some awesome templates of a four foot Jabba's Sail Barge, and we're promoting that on the Internet these days. He's even got a model kit, they're still cut out by hand, but it ends up taking less time = less money to purchase.

We're not a big company, just a husband and wife team. We love feedback and we absolutely love building creations out of flat plastic. It is important to us that we create something that is unproduced, something new and in our own way. No copying. For example, Darrin's an amazing airbrush artist, and he colored the last Sail Barge in a Bobba Fett Slave 1 Color Scheme.

We're very proud of this work, and so pleased that it went to a good home. We just loved the customer, loved the project, and we think the pictures are awesome in this collector's case.


You'll see our posts, mostly in the sales areas. We're looking forward to this December, The Force Awakens!

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