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By jaghearse
Hello everyone
I'm an olde type fan but new to forum/community lifestyles, thank you yakface.
Anyway, to business, do any of you good folks have advice on how I can post images of my customs here on yakface?
Thank you.
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By Utinniii

I download my photos to photobucket (other sites will work as well). Click on the image. Beside it will say SHARE THIS PHOTO.
Click or copy the text box IMG, and paste it in your rebelscum post.
It will appear as text, but will view as a picture once you submit it.
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By Joosk
you can also add an attachment to the post at bottom of screen attachment tab.
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By The Professor
Joosk wrote:you can also add an attachment to the post at bottom of screen attachment tab.

Paraphrasing Yoda...

" Joosk you listen!."
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By Joosk
Ill post a pic of how to attach a image
when you reply or create a post you will have this at bottom of page.
1. Click on attachments.
2. click on add file buttom wait for it to upload then your done :)

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