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By gunmann
I just started collecting star wars about 8 months ago. All it took was a gift of the black series titanium 4 pack of ships. I've always loved the movies but never collected. I'm 42 male and from Pittsburgh pa. In only 8 months I have bought the complete line of the force awakens, all the disney elite series figures and the die cast ships. Also I have purchased every single 6 inch black series figure made. I also have almost 200 titanium 3 inch ships. And believe it or not I got all 3 SDCC 2016 6inch black series figures from hasbro. (It was a computer refreshing nightmare). Anyway, I am amazed at how fun collecting star wars toys is. I have gone thru every picture on here of other collections and they are so impressive. I used to collect diecast cars but I know I have found a love of star was collecting that I will take to the grave.

YAKFACE is the best star wars website for news in my opinion and thank you for having such a site. Until next time, bye all.
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By Utinniii
Welcome to the forums. We serve all kinds here.
It sounds like you really got the collecting bug.
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By The Professor
I agree with Utinnniii, that bug bit you hard! Welcome aboard!

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