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By Kooshmeister
Hi! I'm a longtime collector of Star Wars toys, going back to '95 or '96, when I remember very vividly getting my very first POTF2 toys. I got the AT-ST Walker, and wanted a figure to go with it. I wanted the Stormtrooper, since that was who was pictured poking out of the hatch on the box (the AT-ST Driver was a couple of years off), but, alas, no Stormtroopers were to be found on the pegs of the Walmart my family and I frequented at the time (I believe it was located near Northpark Mall in Jackson, Mississippi). My mom, who was with me, suggested Chewbacca, pointing out that he and a couple of Ewoks did hijack one of the walkers. Realizing the wisdom of her advice (she's a fan herself), I chose Chewie as my first figure. And I never looked back. :D

I'm a member of's forums, but, eh, figured I ought to branch out and join another one. So here I am. :)
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By Kooshmeister
Thanks! Heh, sadly, I no longer have that Chewie or the walker. I sold or traded off a bunch of my older figures a few years ago, and sadly Chewie was one of them. I regret doing it. As for the AT-ST, it may still be boxed up somewhere in my closet in my old room at my mom's. Same with Slave I. I do know the fates of my Millennium Falcon and AT-AT, though; the Falcon I gave to a friend of mine, and the AT-AT (minus its figures) I gave to my nephew, along with all of my Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars and dinosaur toys, all of which I'd saved for years in two big boxes.

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