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By BobaFettuccini
Hi, I'm Boba Fettuccini. I've been lurking here since 2015, but I decided it's about time to get more active in a hobby community.

I've been collecting since I wias a lil kid the 90s with POTF2 (I'm basically a child). My dad and I would go out every Saturday and hit up all the stores in town to find everything - one for him, one for me. I made it through all the prequels and stayed on for a bit after that, but I fell off the boat during TVC because the figures got to be too expensive. Teenager, only working part time, most my money going to gas or dates, the usual stuff that ends childhood hobbies. But I managed to trade for the ones I needed most and I've been playing catch-up since 2013 or so and kitbashing what I can when I can. Star Wars collecting has been an absolutely dismal experience for the last several years, with awful case assortments and bad distribution, but I'm doing my best to just make the most of what we've got and enjoy it like I did as a kid. And so far, it's been fun.

Looking forward to the return of TVC now that I'm employed full time with a decent wage, and really excited about connecting with other collectors and customizers :)
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