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By Codaks
Hi all

So I've been snoping around these forums for years, but have only just recently signed up. :oops: I've really enjoyed reading Photonovels and seeing all the creations like Dioramas and customs. That got me thinking maybe just maybe some day I'll make my own dioramas or photonovels.

I've been a fan since the early 90s, but didn't have the option to collect before the mid 90s, when I was in my early teens. It was a little rough growing up in the dark ages of Star Wars, when all you wanted was more. :( But ofc I got into reading comics aswell.

So I had a lot POTF figures in the original international packaging. When I say "had", I mean they are mostly opened now. Not because of kids or I couldn't help myself and just had to release them of their plastic hell. Simple reason: two floods... Yeah, one radiator broke a pipe and the second time was a flooded basement in my old appartment building... Oh the grief!!! :cry:

I'm still a collector, but living in Denmark, Europe, is a collectors hell! Main reason is that Hasbro dosen't release SA figures here, only the 5POA stuff, and where's the fun in that? I mostly get items from ebay, but I gotta admit I'm really excited about the new line coming spring 2018. No more "walmart exclusive" that will make my collection hunts in stores fun again. :D

So just wanted to say hi and looking forward to spend my time with like minded beings :D

Ronnie aka. Codaks
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By Utinniii
Welcome! It is always great to have new faces here, especially if you intend to make figures and customs. Check out Yakfinities for a fun contest.
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By Jodo
Awesome, welcome to the forums!!!

I barely avoided water damage to my collection one time. It was bad for the house, but at least my figures avoided any damage!
By Codaks
Thanks guys. I'm glad I finally registered.

Utinniii - I'm not promising anything, but if the right challenge comes along I just might attend. :D

Jodo - I hope you were insured as I was. Only I wasn't covered as a collector, so the only thing I got out of it was alot of loose figures. :roll:

GrandMoffHux14 - Ohh I know, I finally registered to use the forum. :lol: I've been following the main site in ages, but the forum on and off.

Kooshmeister - and very helpful too. If you need tips or tricks to create your own stuff. It's easy to to find here.
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