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By Cameron
Hey guys! Cameron here from Australia. I'm a child of the 70s. Wasn't lucky enough to have my folks take me to the movies to see Star Wars in 77, but I remember the hype. My mother bought me a kenner Darth Vader and Obi Wan. I guess the first time I saw Star Wars was on a tiny colour TV, just before Empire Strikes Back came out and I was impressed, but not as impressed as seeing it as a double billing on the big screen. Wow!

Anyway, fast forward nearly 40 years. I'd had a sizeable collection as a kid, that somehow "went away" for the most part. A few things remained and they are treasured. Since about 1985, I did not buy another piece of star wars merchandise until maybe 2005. I picked up a 25th anniversary 'silver' sandtrooper from the Saga collection. Being before my introduction to the ebay experience I painted it white and "dirtied it up" and is now my favourite sandtrooper. I'd completely skipped POTF and the entire Prequel era. Revenge Of The Sith and Battlefront had peaked my interest again, but it wasn't until the Big Millennium Falcon of 2008 and of course the introduction of The Clone Wars animated series that I was fully reeled back in.

9 years later, as a newly single man on a decent wage with no dependants, I have acquired a rather sizable collection that has taken over several rooms in my house, practically all from the secondary market on ebay. For the first time ever, I have laid eyes on, touched and owned a "vintage" Stormtrooper!. Back in the 70s and 80s you could not get one in a regional city, certainly not in my town. You had to travel to find one of those bad boys.. alas I never saw, let alone owned one, until 2015. Well, it's a japanese bootleg, but I'll take it! Lol I made do with an AT-AT driver and a Snowtrooper back in the day. Looking back it was so fun!

Although Star Wars is now seeing a hype of activity like never before, I feel the "golden age" of collecting has been and gone, with the rise of 5 POA, the 6 inch line and the smaller under scaled vehicles, it's maybe a time for reflection and kick back and enjoy what I have. Not to say there aren't a few gems being produced right now.. I will be picking those up all in good time. No hurry. I like the idea of cherry picking the current crop.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to reading you guys in the forums and posting a little too ;)

Clone Trooper Cameron signing out.
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By Utinniii

I'm glad you are finding what you need. I didn't collect for a couple of decades so I'm also looking for a few gems. I wound up customizing the things I really wanted.
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