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By kenkraly2004
Dear Hasbro , One Vehicle I would like to see re released and re packaged in vintage collection packaging is the imperial shuttle Tydirium from ROTJ. I have not seen it on vintage collection packaging yet and it would be nice if it was re packaged in vintage collection packaging.
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By YAK_Chewie

We love the first wave of vintage this year. Great work and very nice figures.

But, why have waves 2 and 3 both DOMINATED by carry forwards from this wave? We understand having 2-3 figures from the wave carried forward, but SEVEN TPM figures carried forward each time?

This is starting to look like 2011 all over again. We don't understand why you would think that it's needed to repack Qui Gon and Obi Wan again, and again. Especially when they are collecting dust on other cardbacks (Movie Heroes).

Can you please explain why you would repack these same figures again this many times in a row to launch a new line? There's a lot of figures that you could sneak in here as repacks instead that would sell better:

- K'Kruhk
- Jaina Solo
- Jacen Solo
- Bastila Shan
- Darth Nihilus
- TFU Shaak Ti

ANY of those would sell better than that Obi Wan and Qui Gon, which have been in the mix numerous times over the past few years. Imagine if you had filled out Waves 2 and 3 with a mixture of those figures and replaced some of the TPM carry forwards with them? None of those would pegwarm. Instead, what you've packed into these cases as filler is going to collect dust and cause more log jams with distribution.

So, can you please start adding some more variety when you have to fill in a wave with repacks rather than carrying forward the same figures so many times? We know we come across as complaining, but please know that we're trying to help you with this sort of thing.

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By darthmadonna
Dear Hasbro. It seems Hasbro is making cuts due to an underachieving 4th quarter according to media reports. I know you are huge company and have many fingers in many pies but is there any chance maybe your poor performance has some contribution to the fact that we could NOT find Star Wars product last year. Last year was a complete fiasco for Star Wars and a horrible culmination of the last three years. I still have big holes in my collection from figures that were impossible to find and although you are expected to work a few back in not all of them are coming. Also what happened with the class II vehicles? Again something I never had a problem with but there were a few never to be seen such as the Mandalorian transport which you had assured us we would see in larger numbers before Christmas of 2011. So what gives and is being done to rectify such a thing?
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By Paulskywalker
They won't admit their inempt ability to run a toy company lately is why they are unperforming, they'll just blame us we didn't support the toy line etc. Plus we also remember big companies idea of under performing is they didn't make more than last year, heaven forbid if they made the same as last year because thats BAD!! :roll:
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By AaylaSecurasMan
With regrads to the Legacy Collection EU wave Chewie (Solo Twins and such) Hasbro said last year that they are not planning to re-release them, although it's Hasbro and they can do a 180 degree turn at any time and overturn any decision.
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By darth_sidious
AaylaSecurasMan wrote:With regrads to the Legacy Collection EU wave Chewie (Solo Twins and such) Hasbro said last year that they are not planning to re-release them, although it's Hasbro and they can do a 180 degree turn at any time and overturn any decision.

Bad decision on their part - those kind of figures should be in the MH line, they'd actually sell a few. If K'Kruhk makes an appearance in the CW series, I could see them repacking him. Shaak Ti is also an amazing Jedi that deserves another shot. The Solo twins...not so much, I dont think the demand is high enough for repacks. They mentioned repacking the troops - and they did for the spacetrooper, so where is the phase 1 darktrooper?
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By Paulskywalker
Dear Hasbro

With the news just released that Lego and Sideshow are making exclusive sideshow sets have you had anymore thought on whether Sideshow could make 3 3/4 inch playsets, an idea you commented on in the past?
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By darthmadonna
Dear Hasbro where the hell is the Vintage figures? Seriously what the heck gives. I can not find them in stores STILL and now you do not even sell them individually at least on Hasbro Toy Shop even though you insist and in my opinion flat out lie when you say that you do but you do NOT! So I want to buy your product, why is it you do not want to sell it?

I am sure they would never answer it but I am really getting pissed off and I have no way of communicating that to Hasbro or even get some kind of an answer as to why I can not buy what I want. Yet Hasbro claims sales are down, makes no sense.
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By YAK_Chewie
Hasbro, rather than using removable helmets on Phase 2 clones, why don't you instead give them non-removable helmets (like you used to do)? All the Phase 2 removable helmets are simply too big, and a large segment of the community refuses to army build clones that have helmets that look too big/awkward. What "play value" might be added is completely negated by the appearance.

If you feel you absolutely need to have the variety by having a clone face for these figures, why not just pack each one with a separate head, like you did with the Clone Wars Obi Wan?

Please? You would create an all new demand for clone trooper again if your Phase 2 clones had the VC #45 body and a properly scaled looking helmet (even the white grunts).

By Rune Haako
Hasbro, with the current TVC Battle Droid coming with a Commander antenna does this mean that we will get a Battle Droid Commander variant released later?
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