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By YAK_Jayson
Here are the answers to the questions submitted on 1/22/2010: Enjoy!

Q1: As of this writing, new Clone Wars figures have started to hit the shelves and they are shipping with the Nahdar Vebb offer that confirms rumors of the return of the "Vintage" line. Now that you've officially released the line look of the new "Rex" Star Wars packaging, care to give us an exclusive sneak peek at the Vintage line look as a teaser for Toyfair?

A1: we don't have any teasers of the new Vintage line look except we will confirm that they will be individually carded figures, but without the clam-shell at a suggested retail of $7.99. Otherwise the figure fronts will be identical to the modern Vintage runs. Any promotional stickers that we do (figure mail-ins, etc.) will be low-tack adhesive so they can easily be peeled off. Any characters that are updates of true Kenner vintage figures will use the original photography, and any new figures produced in the vintage-style line (such as EPI, II, III, or new characters who were never produced originally by Kenner) will use photography to fit the Vintage card style. Look for the new packages in a couple of weeks.


Q2: Last session you confirmed the release of the Cloud Car in the vehicle assortment for later this year. Will their be a new Cloud Car pilot released to man this vehicles then either as a pack-in or on a Vintage-style card?

A2: Yes there will be, there will be no pilot packed in with the vehicle. This is consistent with the Starfighter Vehicle asst, which will be the assortment in which the Cloud Card will be brought to retail. The pilot will be brought out on the Vintage card style.
By stroebel83
So the vintage line sounds like the transitioned legends line. I was just reading a Q&A in another site about Jocatsa NU, and hasbro seemed pretty set against making figures that they didn't think would do well. That makes sense but wouldn't it make sense to release the desired figure just in a cut back quantity? I guess my main concern is I like the teaser vintage figure, I just don't want repackaged repaints from the 2002-2005 saga line. Oh well we'll see what toyfair brings.
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By AaylaSecurasMan
I like the answers to the questions (in terms of the content). However, only 2 questions? where is the love for Yakfacers???
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By AaylaSecurasMan
Got it. Didn't know about it :oops: Good selection on the (2) questions! I am pretty excited about the Vintage Line. Can't wait for Toy Fair!
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By YAK_Jayson
AaylaSecurasMan wrote:Got it. Didn't know about it :oops: Good selection on the (2) questions! I am pretty excited about the Vintage Line. Can't wait for Toy Fair!

Thanks, it was kind of a gamble with the leaking news out there and TF right around the corner, but luckily, things panned out. 8)
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By Paulskywalker
I loved their uote that seems to imply kids don't want an action figure of an old lady; even if she was a cool Jedi. Makes you wonder if it would be different if she was an old man? Sexist Hasbro! :lol:
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By Lance Quazar
YAK_Chewie wrote:I know she's boring, but I'm strongly in favor of Jocasta Nu being made... most figures with lightsabers seem to sell rather well (except for Legends repacks of Plo Koon & Sae Sae Tiin) so I'm surprised Hasbro is so gunshy on that one.


I think Jocasta is a pretty lousy idea for a figure. Usually I'm all for making obscure and odd figures and at least Jocasta actually had a speaking part in one of the films, instead of being a barely-glimpsed background character.

But Hasbro isn't stupid. The figure just will not sell. The Legacy audience is drying up and what kids what a figure of an aging librarian?? I think they learned their lesson after taking a bath with Gargan. Biggest pegwarmer ever.

(Why any fans every clamored for that figure is beyond me.)
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By Darth Kikinou
(Why any fans every clamored for that figure is beyond me.)

Because we want to re-create every single scene from the movies. I won't be satisfied until we have every last patron from the Outlander night club, for instance :-)

Yallz being a bit harsh with Ms. Nu though.
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By Lance Quazar
Darth Kikinou wrote:
Yallz being a bit harsh with Ms. Nu though.

I don't think I'm being harsh, I'm being realistic.

I think it's (pretty) safe to say that, with the collector-targeted Legacy line, the original trilogy figures have more cachet and are more in demand, particularly for the obscure figures. More people are passionate about the alien/monster galleries from Jabba's and the cantina than they are for the Outlander club, for instance.

Gargan made a gigantic belly flop on the figure market. It was a horrible, horrible selling figure. Same with Brea Organa, another "boring" minor character.

Hasbro is smart enough to know that Jocastu is not going to sell as a figure. Period. Given the huge dip that Legacy is taking, I don't blame them at all for not taking such a foolish risk after bombing out last year with a couple of similar characters.

Heck, I'm usually in the camp of making minor and weird characters, but this is just silly at this point. Would you guys really rather have Jocasta rather than a cool new cantina alien or something? Really? I can think of dozens of figures I'd rather have.
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By YAK_Chewie
I'd rather have Jocasta Nu than quite a few characters these days, and here is my reasoning... she was a bitch in AOTC. How many Jedi have such a snotty attitude that is shown so openly? Not too many that I can recall, and for that alone I liked the character - she was a perfect representation of what Yoda was referring to in AOTC when he said the Jedi were too sure of themselves... she treated Obi Wan like a child, and showed complete disrespect... it was "I'm right, you're wrong - so go away."

I know Yarna was a pegwarmer, but I think Jocasta Nu would be much more desireable. Pack her in with a lighsaber (and if Hasbro went crazy, a bust statue head of Dooku) and you have something pretty cool and unique... or heck, throw her in a battle pack with another generic Jedi and a couple of 501st clones, and call it "Massacre at the Jedi Temple" and it will not only sell just fine, but then she'd also be available for the people who really do want to see her made.


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