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By YAK_Jayson
The QnAs return this week but before we get to those, HAsbro has a few words they'd like to pass on to us fans...

The elephant in the room

Can we say we held back confirmation because we really couldn't believe it ourselves that it was happening, and didn't want to dash hopes if it somehow fell through? No? OK then, it is time to come clean. As most people have seen by now, pictures did get leaked of what we were hoping would be the biggest secret we ever held onto - the massive, new 3-3/4" Millennium Falcon. We can confirm that it *is* real, and it *is* spectacular! Please trust us when we say that our intentions were truly in the right place - we wanted to surprise fans everywhere with the biggest secret we had ever tried to hold back leading up to the massive 7/26 launch date for Clone Wars/Legacy. We do expect the first availability to be 7/26 at the same time as everything else. We have been working against a reveal plan, including a world debut in Wired Magazine (June issue, on sale in May!), followed by some very key celebrity reviews and additional exposure prior to the public debut at Comic Con. At least that was our intention...with something like this, as big as it is, and as intense the interest is in Star Wars, it proved impossible to hold. Look for additional details to roll out as per the schedule above, and look forward to the full public debut at Comic Con.

Star Wars Q&A on

As part of our efforts to continue to make an informational destination and to get the best information out there for collectors, we are plannning to repost the entire Q&A to one week after we have distributed responses back to collector sites, as a cross-web archive. We think this will give sites ample time to break any Q&A news to their own fans, and, at the same time, give more casual fans coming to exposure to all of the sites asking questions so they can visit those communities if they choose.

And now the Answers.....

Q1: Recently Hasbro held it's Toy Fair in Australia and on display were what we assume are the final packaging mockups for the AT-TE, V-19 Torrent Starfighter and Homing Spider Droid. It is possible for your team to provide our reader "official" images of this packaging?

A1: Sorry to disappoint on this one, but our marketing team is holding onto these as part of the release plan starting in a couple weeks that will lead up to our big 7/26 launch. If we sent them out, they would kill us. We promise though, they will be worth the wait.


Q2: Now that checks and money orders are starting to be cashed for the Clone Wars Captain Rex promotion, when can we expect these to start hitting our door steps in the US and reaching our friends in Canada?

A2: The Captain Rex figures should be getting out to the first batch of collectors in late May. We were caught a little off guard because of the surprising speed with which the promotional stickers got to retail, so we have been trying to accelerate our Rex delivery. Please thank the fans for hanging in there!


Q3: You've mentioned in previous QnAs that there will be an ESB wave in the 08/09 Legacy Line. Could a figure or 2 possibly include a mynock or oxygen masks as we haven't had new versions of these accessories since the Saga "Blue card" days?

A3: We don't have these accessories planned, but next time we craft an ESB wave it would be interesting to look at updating these guys.
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By YAK_Chewie
I'm very glad to see that Hasbro has come out of the closet regarding the Falcon.

Regarding the box art pics of the mid sized vehicles... I guess we'll see if they can keep that under wraps or if images get leaked, which I'm sure would really aggravate them given what happened with the Falcon.

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By YAK_Chewie
Maybe they're surprised by the retail arrivals, but they also had shipped out those figures to online stores too... so I'm not sure about that response. Sounds like they're just behind, but no biggie in my opinion.


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