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By YAK_Jayson
Here are the answers to our submissions for this week. Enjoy!

Q1: You've repeatedly stated that "SW playsets" are a hard sell especially for kids and are cost prohibitive to develop and/or
retool. How do you square that with the release of the new small playsets/envirorama being released in the deluxe INDY line. (i.e. Indiana Jones with Temple Pitfall & Indiana Jones with Temple Trap). Could a "playset" or "enviroama" of this size be possible for the SW line? It seems like it could be a perfect compromise as product this size is small enough to hang on pegs leaving shelf space for vehicles, Evolutions, Battle Packs etc. Plus, if you included a unique figure (i.e. paint variant), it could help move the product as well.

A1: The Indiana Jones fantasy is very different than Star Wars in some key elements, and that is why the make-up of the line is different. In Indiana Jones, environments play a very important role and solving puzzles and escaping traps are an essential element to the fantasy alongside the characters, whereas in Star Wars the environments actually play a minor role compared to the figures and vehicles who occupy the center stage. Therefore, in IJ, we felt that elements like this were central to the fantasy and important to pursue in order to put out a line that inspires the same play that kids see in the movies. For Star Wars, playsets have historically not sold well relative to other sublines, and so we continue to develop against the sublines that give us the overall best results and allow us the continued development of the line. We also see both the AT-TE and Millenium Falcon as having critical playset-like components in any case, as far as kids are concerned; they are truly two vehicles that command play with figures far above and beyond regular vehicles.


Q2: You confirmed/revealed for our friends at Galactic Hunter that SA versions of Luke and Han in Stormtrooper Disguise will be released in the EIV themed wave. Will these be simple head swap creations and will Luke be released on the smaller 2007 TAC #30 Imperial Stormtrooper body, you know because he is "a little short for a Stormtrooper"?

A2: The figures are based on their counterparts from the Comic Packs. We had actually designed the mid torso to be adjustable in production so you could get a normal or shorter version, but the manufacturer modified the tool model. We are however improving the belt/holster to better hold the Imperial blaster.


Q3: With Hasbro's "official" acknowledgment of the existence of the BMF (Big Millennium Falcon) can you answer a couple questions regarding it. Does it have the quad cannon on its underside? Is the panel on the rear of the ship (above the engines) removable like the vintage mold? Does it have a handle on the bottom to aide in the recreation of those epic space battles? Can the escape pod/shuttle be plugged/docked in between the Falcon's freight mandibles (forked forward section)?

[b]A3: "Answers are: 1. It does have a non-firing quad cannon on the underside. 2. The rear cover is not removable, except for the battery access hatch, as the electronics and other mechanical components are housed in this area. 3. No, there is not a dedicated handle - the size and weight of this version would really not allow you to “flyâ€
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By Paulskywalker
Yay the Falcon doe's have a underside quad cannon, thats good news.
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By YAK_Chewie
I think the real reason we're seeing some small environments with the Indy stuff is because there's more of a lack of characters in Indy to choose from, and for whatever reason Hasbro only wants to release deluxe figures now to coincide with a movie launch...

What's kind of funny about their answer is I really doubt too many kids are going to be wanting the Indy stuff... this line seems more geared towards adults (if not, where's Hasbro's infamous action features - minus the Cairo Indy figure of course).

Typical answer from Hasbro on this type of question... disappointing response on that one, but glad it was asked.
By shayford
YAK_Chewie wrote: I really doubt too many kids are going to be wanting the Indy stuff... this line seems more geared towards adults (if not, where's Hasbro's infamous action features - minus the Cairo Indy figure of course).

(Hey, Justin. Long time, no talk. How's fatherhood?)

Ahhhhh, I have to disagree. My son Logan turned six on April 1 and his grandma gave him a $50 gift certificate to Wal-Mart. He held on to that thing until May 1 with the explicit intention of getting Indiana Jones stuff. He even took back other birthday gifts to add to his gift card.

On that release day he spent no less than a half hour sitting on the aisle of the toy section with toys strewn around him in an effort to make a decision. When he fell $5 short of getting everything he could settle on, I told him he could wash my car.

I've never seen him so patient with his money. I've never seen him work so hard toward a goal. And I've never heard anyone hum a theme song more than he does while playing.

So, I might have the oddball, but I'm thinking kids might get into it. The only problem for me is the discussions we have to have about the dark side of German history.

Have fun,

P.S. He requested an Indy themed party. You should have seen my artifact hunt obstacle course. Good times.
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By Paulskywalker
shayford wrote:The only problem for me is the discussions we have to have about the dark side of German history.

It's important that he knows, being into history i know historians often say if we forget history were doomed to repeat it's mistakes. And that birthday picture is cool.
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By YAK_Chewie
I make my guess that they're not going to be into it as much as Star Wars based on the lack of many of the cool things that Star Wars has that Indy doesn't... spaceships, Jedi knights, lightsabers, an iconic villian, awesome aliens (well maybe Indy will have something on par with that soon)... and let's not forget that the vintage line didn't last too long.

Anyways though, let's hope that Logan isn't an exception, I'd love to see kids into this line like your son apparently is going to be... and that pic is absolutely awesome!! :)


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