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By YAK_Jayson
From the Star Wars brand team:
We have noticed on some boards that some collectors are deciding to wait until the Target-exclusive Order 66 sets go on sale before pouncing. This year, Target has advised us that the order 66 sets will not go on sale when they come off the checklane endcaps and will extend at regular pricing in the planogram. We think that those fans waiting may be disappointed when the ones they want sell out. If there are certain army builders or characters that collectors had their eyes on, they might not
want to wait…

Here are this week's submissions - Enjoy!

Q1: Each year, Hasbro’s designers “kick it up a notchâ€
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By Niktom
YAK_Jayson wrote:Answer: Believe it or not, the Millennium Falcon weighs in at about 16 lbs, at least according to our material specs. That's one heavy MF!

Possibly the best answer I have ever read from Hasbro! :lol:

WoW! 16 lbs :shock: There will be a lot of kids struggling to fly that thing around. At that weight and size it pretty much qualifies as a playset instead of a vehicle.
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By Theo Zissou
impressive :) and good answer. lol.

the first comment about the order 66 packs makes it seem like they aren't selling well. i would guess they wouldn't do a 3rd wave if this is the case. i was a little suprised they did a 2nd wave.
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