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By YAK_Jayson
Hasbro has sent back answers to the latest round of submitted questions. Enjoy!

Q1: Dear Hasbro: Some collectors, after initially swearing off the Clone Wars line, have started to come around to really like the figures once seeing them in person and now they want them all - including the mailaway Captain Rex. Since the TAC line assortments are all but dead, is there a way to mail off for the Rex using the UPC codes from the Animated Clone Wars (84638 asst.) figures instead?

A1: Sorry - that mail-in promotion only applies to the 30th Anniv Collection (87500 assortment) and prior Saga Legends (85770 assortment). Some of these are still hanging around at retail, but once they are gone, they are gone.


Q2: Dear Hasbro: I, like many, was sad to hear that the tables that are pictured with 2009 ANH Kenobi and Brainiac will not be included, everyone was very excited when we saw these tables they're brilliant and are the type of pack-ins we love! Is there anyway you could rethink putting the tables back in? Also, do you have a breakdown of which figures will include which B.A.D. (R2-N5 and R5-A2 astromechs) part for this wave?

A2: Unfortunately, it has come down to costing and we could not afford to keep all of the pieces in these figures. For the initial wave, Luke, Han, Space Trooper, and Jawa will come with the R5 pieces, while the Cantina denizens Wioslea, Braniac, Tron Duaba/Dice Ibegon, and Obi-Wan will come with the R2 parts. The other four carry-forward figures in the wave will have a second copy of R5 (so the case pack will have two R5 / one R2).


Q3: Dear Hasbro: first off, thank you for revisiting the playset/environment segment in 2008/2009. Many collectors have questions regarding the Lars Homestead. What functionality does the homestead itself have? What level of detail does it have on the interior - table/seating? Is the dome removable to place figures inside? Are there foot pegs to aid in the posing of a couple of those unstable POTF2 era pack-in figures. Is a re-release a possibility with an EII era Beru, Lars with Anakin and Lars Homestead Padme (from 2003)?

A3:We're glad you appreciate the Lars Homestead set. We don't consider this a playset in the traditional set, but a specific environment meant for collectors. As such, there are no play features other than the ability to pose figures with the scene. The dome does come off, and there is a table inside, but no benches. Also, due to the nature of the base (vacuform), there are no foot pegs for characters. If the set proves popular, a re-release is certainly possible, but we hope you won't have to wait that long to get some other key figures you mentioned.
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By Paulskywalker
Well my table question didn't reveal anything good and the question about the Homestead reveals what i suspected about it's interior and that is a big hint about EII Beru.
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By YAK_Chewie
I'm just glad they're admitting that they're looking at non-traditional playsets... there's been a movement in the community for this for quite some time.

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By Paulskywalker
I'm glad that they have decided to take the advice of fans and create bigger diorama/set pieces.
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By Sylexus
Paulskywalker wrote:I'm glad that they have decided to take the advice of fans and create bigger diorama/set pieces.

well thats the only good news.

I was dying for those tables :cry:
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By Paulskywalker
We all feel your pain, we all wanted them so much more than the figures! :(
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