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By YAK_Jayson
Q1: Dear Hasbro, I recently acquired the Yaddle and Even Piell Jedi 2- pack from the Legacy Collection, but I noticed a few errors with the packaging. In each instance that Master Piell is referenced, he is referred to as "Evan". This error appears on the insert nameplate, under the UPC, on the card back within the figure's descriptive copy and on all the figure cardbacks from wave 3. Can we expect this typographical error to be corrected or will it just be something collectors have to accept?

A1: It will not be corrected, as the entire run has been completed.


Q2: It has been confirmed in a recent QnA (with that the "beak" from the Sarlacc Pit Environment/Playset is removable for the option for recreating the that scene before the special edition CGI was added. Is there an image you can share of what that section of the Sarlacc looks like without the beak?

A2: Sorry, there are no pics available of this one with the beak taken out. The components are designed so you can display the beak and tentacles together, either separately, or none at all.


Q3: In a previous QnA with us (June 2008) you confirmed that the V-Wing Pilot is planned for a second "Imperial Pilots" Evolutions Set in Spring 2009. Now that that figure is locked down, what can be said of the other 2 pilots in the set? Will it be similar to the current Imperial Pilot Set with a repainted E2 Clone Pilot and new TIE Pilot?

A3: Close. The three pilots are a "V-Wing" repaint of the Clone Wars-era pilot, a black version of the EpIII pilot, and a generic version of the TIE using the Biggs TIE body but with a new closed helmet.
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By raziel
:roll: Meh!

Rebelscum got some great questions answered about upcoming figures 8)
- I guess this months don't really apply to me coz I couldn't give two hoots about packaging mistakes.

Sarlacc - meh.

Imperial Pilot set sounds like a waste - more clone repaints hmmm any one of us can do that anyway!

Look forward to the next one - hopefully we'll have some juicy pics of something interesting.
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By YAK_Jayson
Sorry to disappoint :?

Typically, "will you make this figure/that figure" type questions yield responses like "thanks for your suggestion we'll keep that in mind for the future".

This round I happened to send in a varying theme of questions: One for variation/variant collectors, one for the playset fans/fanatics and one aimed toward new/upcoming figures.
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By raziel
:lol: H a - thats ok dude

I'm sure the more serious collectors will be interested this time round.

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By YAK_Jayson
raziel wrote:YAKFACE STILL RULES 8)

Yes, yes it does. 8)
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By YAK_Chewie
Q1 - Yeah, not something I care about. It's not relevant to the way that I collect, but I'm sure there's someone out there with a magnifying glass that looks for every single detail on the cards and loses sleep over such things. :lol:

Q2 - I can pretty much imagine what it will look like without the beak, but more pics would be nice for sure.

Q3 - I think this was a good solid answer, not a burning question but nice to know that there's more Imperial-esque figures on the way. I'll get 2-3 sets of this most likely.

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By JediLjf
Meh this rounds weren't the best of questions, I'm still happy my one was asked last time! Rebelscum did get some great questions, glad to hear Shaak Ti will be coming up late 2009.

- JediLjf.
By blackadder69
Q3: <snip>The V-Wing Pilot is planned for a second "Imperial Pilots" Evolutions Set in Spring 2009. <snip>

A3: <snip>A "V-Wing" repaint of the Clone Wars-era pilot <snip>

This is wrong.
The closest Hasbro could come to the drawing of the V-Wing Pilot from the V-Wing cutaway is to do a kit-bash of a R.O.T.S.-era clone pilot (body) and a SAGA II A.T.-A.T. Driver-as seen in the link to R.S. for my customs

(OOPSIE)-Actually as noted in my original post for my V-Wing Pilot, the A.T.-A.T. Driver head has a space for the ball-joint that is too big to fit properly on the Clone Pilot body, so a new head tool would have to be made for a "correct" V-Wing Pilot.
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