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By YAK_Jayson
Q1: Dear Hasbro, We are all devastated to hear the news about the Indiana Jones line's apparent demise.

Is there any chance that a Christmas miracle with huge sales accompanying the KOTCS DVD release could lead to a resurrection of the line? Or have the reports of the line's demise been greatly exaggerated?

Also, NOT getting Toht will register as a punch in the face for those of us who faithfully collected this line. Now, our collections will have a gaping hole in it that can never be filled. So how about taking the sculpt you made, which looks excellent, and producing it as a gesture of good will to us?

If you can't release it stores, go ahead and sell it as an online exclusive for 20 bucks a pop, I'll buy it and so will many other folks. Or, some folks have suggested maybe a "chase" figure in the Star Wars line? Or, instead of putting the remaining stock on clearance, call it back and put them in big movie packs with one of each figure from the movies in them, and sneak in Toht that way? Please? Pretty please with sugar on top?

We simply must have Toht Hasbro, we must! Otherwise, a word of warning: Karma is very unforgiving! :) Would it make any difference if we descended on your headquarters holding placards in protest? :)

---- Darth Kikinou

A1: At that point, no. Without a movie or entertainment backdrop to maintain kids' interest in the line, it's just not possible to maintain momentum in the intensely competitive boys' action aisle. We are extremely passionate fans of the IJ line ourselves, and anticipate that the line will return if and when there is another IJ movie. Until then, the decision to rest the brand will position it for the best possible return. Your other suggestions are interesting but we can't do IJ as chase figures in the Star Wars lineup - we have to keep them separate, and the online marketplace cannot support our release volumes.


Q2: Hasbro, there's a lot of collectors who are very disappointed in how the Indiana Jones line was handled.

We know that you tried, but we feel that one problem was that there just wasn't a good choice of character selection in the initial waves, and ther were some overpacked certain characters (heck, EVEN WAVE FOUR has a lot of figures in it that are pegwarming from the early waves).

Now that the line is ending, is there any part of your decision being influenced by the new line for the GI JOE movie line coming out? And are you going to re-evaluate how you approach that line based on how Indy turned out?

---- Chewie

A2: We're not sure exactly what you are asking here....our decision to rest IJ is not in any way influenced by the GI Joe movie, but based on the realization that without an entertainment backdrop for the line to keep kids engaged in the brand we would not be positioned for success. As far as character selection, we based our release decisions based on the most popular characters, with a heavy reliance on IJ and secondarily on Mutt. That is not something we would ever second guess, as those are the characters that resonate with kids who form a vital part of the audience and knowing as we do that an IJ line cannot be built on collectors alone. As far as the release decisions made for the secondary characters, we will certainly take that into account the next time we plan out an IJ line if and when there is another movie.


Q3: The Gamestop Force Unleashed Stormtroooper Commander promotion was, at best, horribly managed by all parties involved. Some stores said they had no troopers, some gave them to their employees, some didn't hold for the preorders as promised, and others just gave them away. Plus we didn't know the official details of the promotion until just days before the game release.

So....are there any plans to make this figure available in some format to collectors who may actually want one (maybe similar to how the Battlefront Scout Trooper was available through rather than having to resort to EBAY for them?

---- Jedi_Fejj_Ograw

A3: We are aware that a lot of fans were frustrated at the inability to get this figure and will be looking at ways to get it back out there at some point, possibly as early as Comic Con next year.
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By TradeFederationSympathy
That is some very disappointing news about the Indy line :cry: I was just starting to pick up some of the cooler figures. Oh well, but I was really wanting to get the German mechanic someday.
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By Paulskywalker
I think we wasted a question this week. Oh well would of liked the next years figures but it was never mean't to be, we didn't even get the TLC and TOD waves here.
By Jedimaster-c
I too am very miffed about the indy line being canned.As usual Hasbro had to save the best figures for the end of the Indy run.I read reports of Meijer's gettign the TOD figures.Unless I can make a run from Alabama to Chicago Illionis.I am SOL.Walmart and Target will never have these.
By Jedi_Scum
I'm VERY disappointed about this week's Indy news... Really

As for the TFU trooper, that's great news!
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By Sylexus
I agree with jediscum about the TFU trooper, as I too missed it. I'm not into collecting Indy figs though I love the movies, so this Q&A wasn't the best one for me. Hope my Q gets asked eventually :cry:
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By YAK_Chewie
The one good thing is they seem to think they're chance for another movie, resulting in more figures...

Anyways, thanks for asking a couple Indy questions Jayson. I wasn't happy with their answers, and at first it seemed a bit odd to me that they didn't understand part of my question.

But then again... they don't even understand their market, so I suppose it's no surprise that they didn't understand the question.

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By YAK_Chewie
I checked out the other sites that sent in Indy questions, and it's very frustrating that Hasbro doesn't seem to want to accept ANY of the blame for their line tanking.

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By TradeFederationSympathy
That is a good point Chewie! I think that is what is getting under my skin about this QnA. Hasbro acts like they did nothing wrong by putting 100 Mutts in every wave. Hello Hasbro! That is the equivalent of putting 100 Mace Windu figures in each case. We need one, but the market won't and can't support more than one Windu figure per person.
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By Sylexus
How come they screw up with this stuff but not with transformers? -_-'
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By YAK_Jayson
TradeFederationSympathy wrote:That is a good point Chewie! I think that is what is getting under my skin about this QnA. Hasbro acts like they did nothing wrong by putting 100 Mutts in every wave. Hello Hasbro! That is the equivalent of putting 100 Mace Windu figures in each case. We need one, but the market won't and can't support more than one Windu figure per person.

Here is the actually "Mutt Breakdown"

Case/Wave 1: No Mutts ... =HND40070A

Case/Wave 2: 3 Mutts (1x with Sword / 2x with Snake) ... =HND40070B

Case/Wave 2 rev 1: 4 Mutts (2x with Sword / 2x with Snake) ... HND40070B1

Case/Wave 3: 0 Mutts ... =HND40070C

Case/Wave 3 Rev 1: 1 Mutts (1x with Snake) ... HND40070C1

Case/Wave 4: 1 Mutt (1x with Sword) ... =HND40070D

12 figures x 6 case = 72 figures (9 or 12.5% of those are Mutt)
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By Paulskywalker
That's ridiculous!

Would be interested to see this next to a Indiana Jones case breakdown?
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By YAK_Chewie
That really is insane. And both Mutts in the cases are essentially the same, one just has a jacket. And BOTH have a terrible head sculpt w/ very poorly painted eyes.

It's funny... I absolutely LOVED the character, and want to love the figure too, but Hasbro just straight up tanked it.


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