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By YAK_Jayson
Here are the answers to the questions submitted back on 1/16/09 (before Toy Fair).

Q1: Now that it as been revealed that the Ugnaughts are packed out as a single figure release, will the second version include a different accessory, or will it just be a new figure with the same accessories?

A1: The first figure will include the console, and the second figure will include the satchel. Neither figure will have all accessories.


Q2: Recently images have surfaced for the Clone Wars (animated-style) Jabba the Hutt. Are there any plans to release a new movie version? It seems that the lower body could be easily be reused just requiring new head/arms section.

A2: A movie version would require an entire new sculpt. While it remains high on our wish-list, a new movie version is not on tap for 2009. There is a very strong likelihood that we could bring one to market in 2010, but that is far from confirmed right now.


Q3: This week (Mon, Jan 12) the new 2009 Red and White packaging was revealed for all Star Wars merchandise. The current line's packaging has different helmet card backs and the positioning of the character imagery on the insert. How will Hasbro make the new Clone Wars, Legacy and Saga Legends packaging discernable from one sub-line to another?

A3: The binding element to the line will be the cardback shape and color scheme. First, the title of the series will be different. Second, there will be three main ways to tell the three main card series apart: Key character art will be used for each character in the upper right hand corner of the card back; realistic for Legacy & Saga Legends, and animated for Clone Wars. Third, the inserts for each will have a different color: red for Clone Wars, black for Legacy/Droid Factory, and orange for Saga Legends. We think that this will provide stronger differentiation than we saw this year, when the lines were virtually indistinguishable.
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By YAK_Chewie
Hmmm... still disappointed in the Ugnaughts not being a 2-pk considering how small they are. Even moreso that both don't come with more accessories.

Compared to Trinto and Dice... sigh.

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By Paulskywalker
Obviously Hasbro thinks a blue apron and a little white "satchel" is equal to a console! :lol:
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By YAK_Jayson
What I find interesting is their dismissal of reusing the body portion of Jabba for a movie version. By the looks of the recent photo, it would seen that it'd work quite well and be a cost savings on their part.

I wonder if this body could be reused for Ziro then?
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By Paulskywalker
What i liked is they said their is a good chance that the next movie version will come with a dia's.
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