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By YAK_Jayson
A couple of the question were touched upon by other sites last week but I hope these answers help out anyway. :?

Q1: In the various QnA sessions over the years you've mentioned that sometimes old molds for figures and vehicles have been damaged or misplaced necessitating the creation of a new one (ex: the BMF). Can you reveal any often/repeatedly used figure or vehicle molds that we can look forward to not seeing again.

A1: That's a tough question to answer, since we don't know which tools will break or wear out in advance, necessitating their replacement. If you are referring to upgrades or replacement for older vehicles, there are a couple all-new surprises coming up this Fall that will effectively make existing tools obsolete. For figures, there are continuous upgrades in the lineup that make older tools obsolete. One example would be the current Legacy Battle Droid figure....there is an all-new BD coming that will effectively retire the older one. Details on all of these will be revealed at Comic Con.


Q2: When the Legacy/Droid Factory line was initially launched, the included B.A.D. parts were of 2 types: astromech or protocol droid. Now with B.A.D. figures like HK-47, L8-L9 and the ultra cool Darktrooper from the Walmart Droid Factory sets, the trend seems to be moving more toward "one-off" characters whose B.A.D. parts can't be repainted to create other characters as the astromech or protocol droid parts could. If that trend continues, is it possible we could see Episode I version of C-3PO without his coverings offered as the B.A.D. or would he be considered to be too "mainline" for such a release?

A2: The intention with the Droid Factory sets was to always try and produce new droids, not just use existing parts. We went to figures like the HK series (and there may be more than one of him!) and L8-L9, and others, because we wanted to add some variety to the parts list rather then cycle through a number of similar-looking proto droids. It is less of a concern for the astros, since there are two new ones per wave. You are right on the EpI C-3PO - we would not do this version as a BAD figure and would keep him as a mainline figure, if we ever slotted him into a future lineup (there is no update currently planned).


Q3: I am overjoyed to see that Corran Horn and Whistler will be part of the upcoming Droid Factory sets. I wondered though, what made you decide to give Corran an orange flightsuit despite all of the references indicating that he always wore a green one? Trying to keep us customizers on our toes?

A3: Since he does have the orange suit in some of the novels, we decided to go with that version, after consulting with Lucasfilm.
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By Paulskywalker
Do you reckon that means the rumours of the new AT ST ot AT AT could be true then?
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By DnJcustoms
Hmmm... I had the orange vs green flightsuit debate with another customizer and then re-read all of the X-wing novels to try and find any reference to Horn wearing orange. I suppose one could assume that he did at some point, but I'll be darned if I can find an actual reference for it. Ah, well... that's what paint it for!
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By YAK_Chewie
Sounds like we will indeed be seeing a couple of surprises with vehicles this Fall... I really would be let down if one isn't a new AT-ST! Wonder what could be next... a new Snowspeeder perhaps?

I like the idea that there may be more thank one HK droid... very nice!

Regarding Corran Horn, I think Hasbro just took the easy route more than anything with the flight suit. Pretty aggravating if you ask me, but I'll get over it.

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By Paulskywalker
I feel like their going the easy route with all the X-wing figures, don't get me wrong i like them all but i feel lately like their cramming them down our throats just for a quick buck!
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By YAK_Chewie
Yeah, I'm kind of tired of Rebel pilots.

I thought it was a mistake for them to release two Rebel sets at the same time in the Evolution series (which in my area, both are collecting dust like crazy).

I mean, geeze you're right! So many pilots in such a short time. Not to mention the Wal-Mart exclusive comic packs too (at least those are selling well in my area).

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By Paulskywalker
It is annoying because the EVO packs i don't have Mando, Jedi, TIE and Sith i couldn't find, only in overly priced sci fi shops and now it's nothing but as you say EVO rebel pilots and add Padme to that.

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