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By YAK_Jayson
Q1: Dear Hasbro, recently collectors have been noticing a shift in the color of the B.A.D. parts for U-3PO from the bright silver in their initial release to a more subdued champagne/platinum hue. Was this variation produced intentionally to correct an initial molding error or are the new colored parts just something that happens in production?

A1: This change was based on a request from Lucasfilm.  We were able to catch the request partway through the run, and the color moved from the silver version to the slightly more yellow "champagne" version.  The color difference is *very* subtle.


Q2: The new Magnaguard fighter is starting to hit shelves around the country and I was lucky enough to pick one up the other day and it is one awesome vehicle. High praise to the designer(s) that had the foresight to incorporate the storage hatches for the Magnaguard's electrostaff in each wing. I did notice something quite curious about the fighter though. What is the intended purpose of the hexgonal hole on the top of aft section of the fuselage? The only use I can see for it is to stow the CW Magnaguard figure's rocket launcher. Am I close in guessing what this is for or is there some other function for it that I'm not seeing?

A2: Yes indeed, it is designed to be compatible with the Magnaguard's launcher.  You know, this vehicle is a pretty cool one when you think about it.  Who knew, when we first saw Episode III unfold on screen, that we'd see these cool guys get their own ship (much less multiple different versions of this single type of droid).  This is why we love Star Wars!

For images of the Magnaguard Fighter visit the Yakface Toyguide


Q3*: Dear Hasbro, it's been a while since we've heard anything about the progress of Willrow Hood, can we expect to see a finished version of him on display at SDCC (San Diego Comic-Con)? If not*, would it be possible for you to share a teaser photo with us of the prototype (or final figure) to see how this fan fav's sculpt is coming along?

A3: Yes, you will see Willrow in all his fan-requested glory, with signature accessory, at Comic Con

*My poorly worded question might have caused us not to get a teaser shot of this figure this round - sorry : (
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By Paulskywalker
No offence to whom ever picked these questions, they are a bad bunch. Two we already knew about one of which the Magna question was revealed in the Yaktoyguide; i think we have wasted a Q&A session. We need to ask the challenging questions or the ones no one would expect to ask or the ovbious ones that a dozen people will ask. Sorry.
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By YAK_Jayson
No offense taken, the challenge is choosing/submitting questions where the answer is not common knowledge nearly a month later due to the drawn out schedule.

Also the beating of the "playset/diorama*" and "why are the prices so high?" drums result in the same formletter type non-answer answers that can be read on any given site each QNA session are also a waste of a submission in my opinion.

What I think we do "learn" from the answers this time is that U-3PO wasn't a Hasbro instigated variation as it came at the request of Lucasfilm and is it a legitimate figure versus it being a production error like a missing skirt or weapon. We also confirmed that the Magnaguard Fighter has a feature not advertised on the packaging or in the instructions and that might be of interest to A.) those who haven't seen this vehicle yet in stores or B.) haven't seen our Toyguide update.

As for the last question, if I would a have left off those two little words, "if not", we might have actually got a image of Willrow Hood before SDCC. But as such, they just confirmed what we all already knew - that we'll be seeing it as SDCC. :?

*case in point: JediInsider asked a playset question this time, shockingly Hasbro said they weren't pursuing playsets.
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By YAK_Chewie
In Jayson's defense, it's hard coming up with fresh questions... you've got a dozen or so sites doing this and this far into the game there's a lot of questions that have been answered numerous times in different ways.

However, I'm always an advocate of pushing Hasbro with at least one tough question each round...

I did think it was interesting that Lucasfilm asked them to change the color on the droid. It's pretty cool knowing they are still concerned with accuracy, especially on something like this that is a pack-in.

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By Paulskywalker
But we often have some questions asked that i think are good and get left out, and often a question has been written here and then in a few months later us not asking someone else has, case in point i asked about Hasbro's view on the Star Trek Playset and now Sandtroopers have asked the same question, even if it wasn't how i'd have put it. Any we should carry this on in hte staff room really.
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By YAK_Chewie
I didn't like their answer to the question at Jediinsider at all... "more play features for kids if they were to pursue more playsets"... very predictable, but damnit that's not what I want to hear. :|

What's aggravating is the Sarlacc and Lars Homestead main pieces were fine, but they kill the whole concept by throwing in a ton of terrible repacks that few people want, and in turn the price gets jacked up to further diminish the the appeal of things like this.

Really, other than playsets Hasbro has got this all figured out. But that's one area they are clearly struggling with understanding the market.

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By Paulskywalker
Their was another question on RS where they ask why don't they do what Mattycollector does for exclusive which is popular, oh no as usual Hasbro believes otherwise saying it would not be popular or successful! No Hasbro for a majore company i just think it you who get it to fail. Its like their rubbish distrubution, another question asked on this and they get its actually good.

I'm sorry i'm fed up with Hasbro telling us were wrong and its us that make things fail, the bunch of business suits that work at Hasbro don't know their arse from their elbow!!
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By YAK_Den
The critique on questions is valid but do REMEMBER:

Jayson has to pick them a MONTH ahead of their response! That means these questions were picked at the beginning of May! We have no idea what happens in the month ahead.

Truth be told... even for me I had no idea of the answers for all three questions! So a great read for me!

And I agree with Jayson we need to drop it with playset / price questions and continue to keep a good report between us and Hasbro. We definitely can continue to press them with harder questions but make sure we stay safe. Otherwise we truly do waste a question since we get no answer.
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By YAK_Chewie
I say if we can come up with creative ways to do it, go for one playset mention once every blue moon... keep it on their radar. Especially since the Death Star mockup piece showed up. :)

Regarding price, yeah we can complain (God knows I do) but as long as the basic figures continue to sell at the rate they're selling at, Hasbro and the retailers have no reason to lower them... and you know, almost everything in the toy aisle is in the $8-$12 range anyway now... and Star Wars is probably the highest quality basic action figures around.

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By darth_sidious
I agree that it must be hard to pick questions that will still be relevant a month later, especially with information leaking on a daily basis. It was good to get a final answer on the U-3PO BAD, not that it matters much in my case, because I havent even seen that wave at retail! :?

I think its also good to ask about future products to find out whats in the works, for example, another site submitted a question about Jedi figures, specifically asking about Barriss Offee, and Hasbro flew right over her and said "Jedi are cool!" or something like that haha, I'd really like to know when a new version of her is going to be released.

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