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By heybert17
I am so tired of Hasbro's BS. In another site's Q&A they said the the Legacy line was produced in lower numbers because of declining collector interest. Yet every Legacy figure (except the repacks) has sold out at every Walmart that got any in the last few weeks. Maybe a few Clone Wars figures have sold and if any Legends figures have sold you can't tell by the huge amount clogging all the shelves. Every Walmart has stocked the CW or Legends figures on the Legacy pegs effectively stopping the toy people from stocking any new Legacy figures if there are any to begin with. It has been almost comical to watch the Legacy line outsell both the others if not for the fact that it is making me very frustrated trying to complete my collection. I no longer buy Hasbro's kids/parents vs. Collectors BS any more. If the collectors are abandoning the series then why are the collector aimed figures the only ones selling. I have seen 3 of the green display boxes and the Legacy figures are all gone and the 3 sides now only contain CW and Legends figures. Give up the BS Hasbro and get back to focusing on the real people that keep the line alive. A break until august after the EU wave comes out is pathetic, but I will save a lot of money until next fall when I once again get bombarded with wave after wave like we did this fall.

Just a side note, I pick on both CW and Legends but I do collect the CW figures so I hope they continue but it takes so long for any Legends figures to sell around here that I get tired of seeing them. I have never and will never buy a Legends figure and from the looks of the pegs except for the OCCASIONAL kid or parent most other people pass on them also.
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By YAK_Chewie
Yep, I feel your exact frustration.

I think we need to formulate a good question for the next Q&A that addresses collectors who are considering giving the hobby up because of how Hasbro has handled the Legacy line this past year, and their plans for 2010 and beyond. The aggravation I am personally feeling toward Hasbro lately is at an all time high and I do not see a light at the end of the tunnel in terms of how they are answering our concerns.

I mean come on Hasbro... I went on a toy run tonight looking for the ESB wave. I didn't expect to find it, but I decided to give it a shot. Hit two Super Wal-Marts. How man Legacy figures did I find? Wal-Mart #1 - one Legacy figure, Nien Nunb. Wal-Mart #2 - two Legacy figures - one Agen Kolar and one Utai. That's it for Legacy... but the pegs were still full to the max with Clone Wars and Legends. Probably well over 250 figures at these two stores were on the pegs, and only THREE Legacy figures between the two stores.

What the hell is Hasbro doing to my hobby :?:

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By Paulskywalker
Its as i wrote in the submit a question thread last night, the collector base not only being the strength behind the line since the beginning of the modern line, it should have increased as new collectors and kids who have grown up add to the collector base.
By zedhatch
I am so tired of Hasbro's BS.

I am going to state that when this happened in the GI Joe line, about 20 guys came out of the woodwork telling posters that they shouldn't approch hasbro in the Q&A's, it was all business, appologising for hasbro ect. It was like they were on the PR payroll or something.

What I am happy about is that this community seems to realize that hasbro is screwing them over and refuses to just take it. There are tons of examples (SW, Joe, and Transformers) of how Hasbro is either totally incompetant or simply doesn't care (I think its a combination myself but that is beside the point). But this is the one community that has the purchasing power to call them on thier BS.

The aggravation I am personally feeling toward Hasbro lately is at an all time high and I do not see a light at the end of the tunnel in terms of how they are answering our concerns.

Chewie, I have felt the same way since 2005 (I can actually tell you the straw that broke my back way back then) I have seen a ton of freinds in the TF and Joe comunities leave cause of stuff like this (Get fed up and walk leaving whatever joys they have from this hobby behind them). I long ago said (and will say yet again) that if hasbro didn't make some of my all time fav characters I wouldn't even bother with them. In fact there are moments I actually work at ways NOT to give them money (ie trades) just so that I don't have to think I am contributing to the BS.

It's a shame a company with such easy to work franchises under it can't seem to get it together. No wonder they are still #2 toy company in spite of that fact.
By stroebel83
Hasbro got to big and as cliche` as it is forgot about the people that got them there. Some one here said it before, give the line to someone smaller who will do more and care more. It sounds like a stretch but seems to ring true after several dead lines and hundreds of repaints, low quantities followed by reissues, and now a child like blame game. If the public isn't buying your crap why not listen a little more change your process and try again.
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By Darth Kikinou
You know what all the site owners should do is collaborate on an open-letter to be published front and center of each site. Heh maybe Wall St would get wind of it and in the Wall Street Journal they'd mention "Fan discontent at Hasbro" :-) Gotta hit em where it hurts!

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