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By YAK_Jayson
I thought for 2010 we'd start a new topic here to accumulate the confirmation of new product revealed in the various QnAs. Feel free to post any news that you read and I'll modify this post to include it. When posting the news, please site the source and provide a direct link. Thanks!

Cloud Car Pilot coming to Vintage (2/3/2010 - Yakface)
TLC Wave 13 (EU wave) will now be a TRU / internet exclusive (2/3/2010 - SSG)
Dak Ralter (Luke's Snowspeeder Gunner) - (2/3/2010 - Imperial Shipyards)
Jabba the Hutt with Dias and exclusive figure coming Fall 2010 (2/3/2010 - JediInsider)
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By Paulskywalker
[url][/url], confirms that the Jabba is coming with a dias and pack-in, if thats relevant?


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