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By YAK_Jayson
Here are the answers to the question submitted back on 2/26/2010.

Q1: At this year's Toy Fair, four Clone Wars figures were shown on the display stands, Mace Windu with hip articulation and mysterious mandarlorian helmet split down the middle, Kit Fisto with added knee articulation and dual lightsabers, Commander Battle Droid and a camoflauge ARF Trooper. These were not mentioned in the presentation and considering they've been shown could we please have some info/ images on these?

A1: They are part of Clone Wars basic figures Wave 3, complete info for which will be released later in the year around Comic Con or CV timing. We expect Waves 1, 2, and 3 to get to retail about one month apart in Fall, so Wave 3 should be out around the beginning of October.  No additional images are available of these figures right now.


Q2: With the final EU wave of Legacy figures now deemed an "exclusive" to Toys"R"Us, collectors want to know if that change means they (like many of TRU's exclusives) will come with their exclusive/higher price tag as well? Also, are there plans to change the case assortment to include multiples of each new figure or does this assortment still plan on including one of each of the new figures plus the older carry forward figures?

A2: We don't really know what TRU's plans are for basic figure pricing, as that is solely up to them to decide, but we don't think it will differ from the current basic figure pricing at TRU.  The case wave ration will include 12 different figures, including one each of the TFU figures and the rest carry-forward figures.  The production release for these figures was made a long time ago and the wave only recently became a TRU (and later, a shared Internet) exclusive, so the case pack ratio was determined back when it was assumed that we would have a healthy Legacy line on the shelves.  As Legacy has continued to soften, bringing it to TRU was the bets chance for full distribution.
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By YAK_Chewie
I'm glad to see they addressed the EU wave question with a clear answer... sounds like the wave will be regular price at TRU, but it really stings that it's going to only have one of each new figure. More carry forward figures in that assortment is certainly not what I hoped to hear... seems that really hurt the Legacy line and is going to make the final wave that much more painful.

By Grimace
it hasn't calmed my fears any concerning actually finding and buying the EU wave, considering I want multiples of each figure
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By YAK_Chewie
I know - in my opinion, it's the best wave of Legacy. This is the wave of figures I've been pumped up more about than any wave since the Darth Revan wave of TAC. I'd like to get 3-4 of each figure from this wave - and would glady order cases online, but I'm not about to do so when I'm going to get stuck with so many carry over figures that I don't need. Hasbro really needs to get this sorted out with the vintage line. You'd think that with how long they've been managing this line, this sort of thing wouldn't happen anymore.

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By AaylaSecurasMan
As Legacy has continued to soften, bringing it to TRU was the bets chance for full distribution.

I totally disagree with this statement, the Legacy figures are the harder to find! Hasbro is totally responsible due to poor distribution :evil:
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By Paulskywalker
AaylaSecurasMan wrote:
As Legacy has continued to soften, bringing it to TRU was the bets chance for full distribution.

I totally disagree with this statement, the Legacy figures are the harder to find! Hasbro is totally responsible due to poor distribution :evil:

They still seem to persist in not recignising the supposed "softening" is their fault. :lol:

The response is a bit crap, yeah were making it exclusive along with some carry forward to make it harder, which makes them harder to get with the scalpers. Part of me is glad that i know these will appear in a sci fi shops and i'll at least have a good chance at getting them.
By Jedimaster-c
I know I am exaggerating but riots will break out over this wave.I tell you I saw something on one of the "I love the 80's" shows when the Cabbage Patch kids were released people were trampling each other to get those.Yeah,soft sales my butt,store in my area ordered way to much Clone Wars and Legends crap. :roll:
By heybert17
Does anybody at Hasbro have a brain, if they would go back to 2 sets of NEW figures per case and stop the stupid Carry Forward crap the Legacy line would flourish again. The NEW figures flew off the shelves and the Carry Forward figures just hung there. I had more trouble finding new Legacy figures because of this asinine ratio than I have ever had before with ANY Star Wars line. Get your act together Hasbro and stop the stupid practices that are your own downfall. The Carry Forward stuff made even less sense when they insisted on changing the BAD figure in every figure every time it became part of a new wave, very frustrating year. And with all the repacks and rehashes this year the Vintage line is not gonna fair much better, hey are hoping that collectors will buy repacks in the NEW loved by collectors Vintage style cards, but this collector collects figures not cardboard so I will not be buying any repacks and rehashes.
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By Customjedi
Seriously? Has Hasbro learned nothing from their years of "Vintage on a clamshell?" The ratios for the wave with the snowtrooper had to be tweaked because the non troop builder figs were gathering dust. What they really need to focus on is the limits they should place on "carry-forward" figs!
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By YAK_Chewie
I know... very confusing logic.

But, I wonder if the key note in their answer was "best chance for full distribution" - meaning they aren't actually cutting back the production on it? That would be good for those new figures, but the repacks? TRU is going to be stuck with them for a while if they receive a full run of this wave. The new stuff will move great, the other stuff... maybe not.


On a side note, I can't believe how much Hasbro is in love with the half naked Maul. Why they don't go back and add ball jointed eblows to the original Evolutions version and pack him with a proper lightsaber is beyond me.

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By YAK_Jayson
I understood it that this wave won't have a small production run when compared to previous waves. As always, it's distribution of the product, not the supply that worries me.
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By YAK_Chewie
I think that could be the key. Hasbro hinted some that past year that they'd be working more with TRU in the future for the exclusives - which I think is a good sign because TRU tends to get decent quantities in of their exclusives. I just hope there's enough to go around. But I feel for the people who don't have a TRU in their area.

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