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By YAK_Jayson
Here are the answers to the questions submitted on 5/7/2010

Q1: The Force Unleashed exclusive battlepacks are now hitting TRU stores, and we've noticed that BOTH sets include the SAME "phasing" shadow stormtrooper that is clear. In the Toy Fair presentation one of the sets was shown to include black "phasing" version featuring a newly sculpted head with removable helmet - what happened? Is it possible that we will see that figure later released as an exclusive similar to how the TAC Stormtrooper Commander was released at GameStop? If not when might we see that particular head sculpt with balaclava worked into the trooper mix.

A1: The original intent was to give a different version of the Shadow Storm in each set, and so we had developed two versions of the phased trooper. However, Lucasfilm did not like the second version (that you mentioned) and we had to make a last-minute change and made them the same.


Q2: Here is a question on behalf of all the customizers and diorama builders out there. Has there been any progress in trying to standardize the neck pegs (for troopers and humans) in order to provide for easier swapping of heads/helmets from one figure to another to add variety to our collections. Also with the launch of the new Galactic Battle Game and the accompanying figure stands, are there plans to release a separate multipack of stands through HasbroToyShop or other outlet.

A2: We have been trying to do this on our sculpts, but we continue to have a challenge trying to control the multiple factories currently engaged in Star Wars figure production. Factories are the experts when it comes to manufacturing and they often take liberties, even small, to get our figure sculpts ready for production which interferes with systematization of something like joint size. Regarding stands, there are no plans to release a pack of Galactic Battle Game figure stands. HasbroToyShop still has an ample supply of the outstanding 2-peg stands (great for fixing drooping Battle Droids) and we will focus our stand effort there until the supply is exhausted.
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By YAK_Jayson
AaylaSecurasMan wrote:Too bad the first question was also asked by Rebelscum :?

And too bad they didn't answer the second part of my question. :?
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By Paulskywalker
I think the point is clear, Lucasfilm said they don't like it, so the figure won't ever be released.

No wonder Hasbro distribution and quality is bad if they have multiple factories producing SW.
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By darthmadonna
I have a feeling the Unleashed question will be asked by many more sites. I wonder why Lucasfilm said no to it. That version was 10 times better than the one we did get. To bad they could not have thrown in the Stormie commander instead.
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By Paulskywalker
The only thing i can think of is they didn't like the head, because i can't see them disagreeing with the part translucent paintjob?
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By Paulskywalker
I hate to defend Hasbro but the question from RS should have been a bit more clear that it was the chest they were talking about?
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By Michael
I have to agree with what Paul said, unless you get specific and right in Hasbro's face they aren't going to answer look at Sandtroopers questions about the Comic Packs (although I think the bit about the Marvel Comic Packs was asinine, as it was the constant repacks and poor judgement calls and Painting Day Glow colors on old sculpts off figures and passing them as Marvel Characters that screwed up the comic packs, if they had gone with Unique Marvel Star Wars characters then those comic packs would have flew of the shelves, just look a Lumiya and to a lesser extent Tobbi Dala and Fenn Shysa, if they had packed both those characters together and did proper paint jobs on them then they would have shifted a lot quicker - in fact it was the Dark Horse comic packs that lingered and are lingering in my neck of the woods).

The one good thing that came out of that question was the fact they owned up that they screwed up coloring on the Marvel Star Wars characters.
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By YAK_Chewie
I think Hasbro clearly avoided the point about the 3PO sculpt looking off intentionally because the packaged shots of the figure reveal a sculpt that sucks. And if this figure pegwarms, they'll blame it on collectors, not the fact that the figure looks really bad.

But yeah, the question was kind of two parted from RS, but if they're paying someone to provide responses to questions I think the least they can do is address what is asked... it seems like at times whoever is responding to the questions isn't even paying attention and the responses are rushed. At least that's my impression. These answers are read by a lot of collectors and I don't feel they always take the time to respond properly or care to. However, it's cool that they do take part in it - just would prefer for them to handle the questions a little better sometimes.

As for the heads, I'm not sure I buy their response. They don't seem to have this difficulty with their GI JOE line... or has every single JOE figure since the inception of the 25th line all been produced out of the same factory?

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By Paulskywalker
To echo what you said about the heads, when they said employees at the factory take liberties, (1) surely employees should do as their told by head office and (2) surely they get the prototype sent to the factory ready?

Add to that they have admitted multiple factories for the SW figures, instead of a centralised location of production, we start to see the cowboy outfit Hasbro is that can not control it's organisation.
By Grimace
it's possible that one day soon Hasbro will announce the cancellation of the Q&A

I feel that whoever is answering the questions lately has other things he/she would rather be doing

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