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By Gorkoracing
Rebelscum posted this morning about the bantha showing up in TRU's computers. The price will be 44.99. My friend on another posted about a month ago that he had inside info that a NEW Rancor was going to be coming out in 07. He said today this Bantha will be new as well. His source has been spot on so far. I'm guessing the rancor will be 44.99 as well. What do you guys think about a new rancor and bantha?
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By YAK_Jayson
It will depend on the interpretation of "NEW".
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By jedistyle
yak_jasonis right, it will depend on the interpetaion of "new". but i'm actually looking forward to the bantha, i'm a fan of tuskens and i never got one of the older ones so i hope tis one is good, so i can grab a couple. hopefully they use the vsc tusken for this also, mabey with a little extra "bantha riding" leg articulation. :)

the ranco, eh! it may come with the endor wave saga luke that was just released. if it looks cool i might pick it up.....
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By YAK_Jayson
jedistyle wrote:the rancor, eh! it may come with the endor wave saga luke that was just released. if it looks cool i might pick it up.....

Although they'd have to replace that Black Gloved hand with a regular, flesh hand. Which is something I can see Hasbro overlooking. :lol:
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By Gorkoracing
Supposedly these should be all new sculpts, or at least thats what my friend's source (someone with hasbro germany) has led him to believe.
By Rune Haako
I seriously doubt they're new sculpts, though maybe some retooling.
By tenike1
I doubt the beasts will be new sculpts. There isn't anything wrong with the POTF2 version (then-vintage?) sculpts, except maybe they are out of scale a bit. I've been wanting a rancor for a while now, so I'd be ecstatic if hasbro released a new rancor or the old one. With how expensive they are, I wouldn't be surprised if they included the vintage tusken, but there's no hope for Luke being any good since there isn't a decent Jedi Luke sculpt out there.
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By Jedi Hunter
Well, if these rumors are true i will pick myself up these.
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By Grievous
I'd pick both up. :)
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By YAK_Chewie
Hmmm.... if they make all new versions I'll get them... repacks, I will pass. The POTF2 Bantha is already pretty damn good though. A repack with that and a VSTC Tusken that can sit on it well would actually be very cool.

For the Rancor, if they made a new Gamorrean with it, I'd probably have to get it.

By tenike1

All we need now is the Rancor with Luke, a Gammorean, and the rancor's keeper.

hasbro was right about not having a beast assortment. Brilliant move to have it under the battle pack line. I must say I am impressed. I don't like the tusken female, however. Get rid of her!
By Rune Haako
Hopefully we'll get an Orray in a Battle Pack.
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By MasterGrievous
Another great idea from Hasbro. I suspected something like this would happen, after what happened with the Chameleon Droids from the Ilum set.

I'm gonna have to pass on this though. I'm not that much of a Tusken or Bantha kind of guy.
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By YAK_Chewie
Cool looking, but I might pass. This one's hair seems really, really curly... doesn't it?

I think I prefer the POTF2 version better -


If I didn't have a few of that version already, I'd definitely be picking this up...

And looks like it will be a $45.00 pricepoint in the Battle Packs... and we're getting a Rancor too, right? I'm guessing it will come with Luke, a Gamorrean Guard and some other figure?

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