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By Commander DiFabio
It's only a matter of time befor I buy the 3 of the 17 for 20 bucks each. :twisted: Oh wait this is Toys R Us. :evil: Damn it.
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By bikerscout
i hate their small vehicle price of $25. I always find the ships I want at TRU -only reason I don't buy is the price. Why can't they sell for $20 like Target/Walmart????
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By jedistyle
anyone out there found the "red variant" bantha? i'm very curious to see how it looks and if it's worth trying to track down. thanks.
By tenike1
The best way to determine the red tribe is by looking at the VTSC Tusken that is riding the bantha. In the repack set, he will look exactly like the VTSC Tusken, but in the red variant set, he will be wearing a thick robe like the Jedi figures.
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By jedistyle
yea, i saw that tusken on ebay, is that the only difference in the 2 packs? i was hoping for a bantha with red fur.... :? thanks for the info.
By tenike1
The bantha might be slightly darker, but the bantha itself wasn't supposed to undergo any changes (or that's what I think). The position of the Tuskens is also different I think.
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By YAK_Chewie
While I can't stand how the Bantha looks (saw a few this week at TRU), I do like the red Tuskens. I might pick up a set, or try customizing some to sort of resemble those...

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By jedistyle
yea. after seeing th ered tucken on ebay the other day, i tore apart a votc tusken and started sucotmizing it up. i'm thinking he'll be the chieftan or shaman, somthing along those lines....

i actually like the new bantha, but i never picked up the old one, from pick though the older on does look a bit more realistic, but the new one looks dreadlocked up, whihc i like, so i'm satisfied with it. :)
By tenike1
I just want the red set to show up soon. I'm going to Toys 'R' Us tomorrow hoping to find the red set or wave 3.
Never got the Bantha Battle Pack when it was out originally as i wanted the red tan version since i had all the original tan versions of the figurres, finally got the red version in the post yesterday and there was one thing i wasn't expecting, in all the years since the it's original POTF2 version i only just found out the Bantha has leg joints and a swivel in it's flat tail bit! How is it i could go all these years without reading about it??? Want to pick the POTF2 version up even more now. :lol:

The red tan version Tusken Raiders look really good.
TVC Desert Skiff

I'll probably look into two as well.

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