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By YAK_Chewie
The more I look at pics of this wave, the more I am convinced that Biggs is the best looking figure out of it.

Also the more I look, the more disappointed I am in the Stormtrooper helmet.

If it looked like this one I'd be ok with it -


But since it's turning out to look more like this -



By tenike1
hasbro and their fucking removable helmets. I hope they die.
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By Commander DiFabio
Man that Stormtrooper looks awful. Why couldn't they have just repacked the VOTC version? I would have bought so many of that guy. Oh well, I just hope we see a repack of the VOTC stormtrooper some time next year.

I am only buying Biggs, Vader, Luke(Jedi), Fett, and the Vader Concept, the rest are just easy passes.
By tenike1
If hasbro ever ships wave 3. All of the Targets around here haven't been receiving new cases of TAC! :?
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By Commander DiFabio
tenike1 wrote:If hasbro ever ships wave 3. All of the Targets around here haven't been receiving new cases of TAC! :?

My stores don't even get anything anymore. No lie. I asked when they think the next shipment would arrive and they said that they had some in the back. I was excited, hoping it would be Wave 3 or atleast another wave 2 so I could pick up my last DST and maybe a third Concept Fett for me or someone else as trade fodder, but of course they pulled out a SAGA revision case.

I don't want a pity party but, non of my stores have a single TAC figure. It was pure luck with all the GM's, AB, concepts. etc. I was able to buy more than 2 of each figure 3 at times. But I have a feeling that is about to end. I go every other day now. Not a single figure, in the back or on the pegs. WHAT IS GOING ON!!!!!!! This is not normal. The stores are sitting on SAGA. I shouldn't complain because I got first dibs on Wave 1 and 2. And what they do get they don't put out. Sorry kiddies in my area this year is not for you. Bottom, line retails and distribution suck this year.
By tenike1
There's a part of me that believes parents and kids don't make up as big of a percentage of the entire game as hasbro says. Most of the time stuff finally clears, it's because of clearances or holidays. In the mean time, I believe scalpers and collectors buy most of the good stuff while kids and parents buy the rest. How the hell would hasbro know anyway?
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By YAK_Chewie
Distribution has been weak at best so far on TAC... really, it's been awful. There's a terrible backup of SAGA stuff.

I can't believe here it is almost May, and retailers aren't putting the SAGA stuff on clearance. I refuse to buy any more SAGA figures. I've bought too many as it is... the only figure I'm even remotely interested in out of SAGA now are the clones, and I don't need any more of them.

Also, the same stuff is going on here with TAC figures - Wave 1 was distributed somewhat well but has dried up except for Obi Wan and R2D2, but R2 is starting to disappear. Wave 2 - if I didn't go on toy runs every day, and if not for another collector here helping me out, I would have missed this wave to this point. I'm sure it will start showing up more soon - but what concerns me is that stores keep adding more SAGA figures to their pegs when the TAC sells out... geeze, even Appo and Elite Corps clones seem to be not moving at this point. People got a taste of TAC and want more of it, not more SAGA.

Do kids and parents buy the stuff? Yeah I think it's a decent percentage, but I do believe the majority is collectors. Hasbro may publically deny it because it goes against their philosphy that a line of toys might be more popular with adults, but if that was the case I don't think we'd be seeing so many collector-oriented figures in the line.

I'm ordering a case of TAC Wave 3 and 4 online. I'm afraid that by the time they are starting to pop up, then finally the stores might clearance the SAGA stuff - but then get backed up with TAC Wave 1 and 2.

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By Darth Holmes
You said it Chewie. Its annoying as hell to go shopping for TAC figures only to find stores re-stocking the sage line. I'm seeing a lot of that right now. :x The of distribution of TAC has been awful so far. I have to wonder if its the retailers or Hasbro. Something is wrong with this picture.
By YakPurge
Anybody know what belt the stormie is packin', I did like the removable grenade. I also thought it was cool that on the sand stormie you could fit the grenade in the slot of the backpack in could carry 2 grenade at thew same time.
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By Gorkoracing
Darth Holmes wrote:Grenade...? :?:

The white pipe-bomb lookin thing that was packaged with the sandtrooper. :lol: Fits on the back of their belts.
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