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By MasterGrievous
What do you guys think about this new battlepack?




Looks like a good battlepack. Its definitely one the things I'm most looking forward to getting in 2007.
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By Theo Zissou
i agree! it looks great. one of the best battle packs they have made. i'm looking forward to it. the big suprise was the barcs. i thought it was supposed to be just a figure 2 pack like the comic figures.
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By MasterGrievous
I have one BARC Speeder already and its a pretty cool vehicle. I always wanted more.... :wink:
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By YAK_Chewie
I think it's outstanding and a good move by Hasbro... I can't imagine these sitting long.

The thing that I really DON'T like about it is having to buy so many BARC speeders to get those clones, but that might be a blessing in disguise for me financially to keep my from buying too many of them.

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By Commander DiFabio
I think they are cool. But like you said YAK_Chewie if you want more clones you have two buy more and you have two extra speeders. I think they should have thrown in an extra clone without a visor so you at least have all the ones you see in the movie. Also the package looks strange it doesn't have that star wars feel with the corner cut off.
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By BrentS
I'm LOVIN' this set. I ended up skipping the Barc and am quite pleased at that. I sure hope that this keeps the $20 price tag. Wasn't the original Barc $15??
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By JasonWelcome
I think it looks great and I can't wait to get one set :lol:
By Rune Haako
It better not be an exclusive, nuff said.
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By YAK_Den
I like it but where's the Jedi chick that got killed? LOL! Kinda bothers me they just made 2 clones and no jedi with it. URGH!
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By YAK_Chewie
Well Stass Allie did come out last year already, though I wouldn't mind seeing her repacked into a 2007 deluxe lineup.


I *might* have an extra of this if you need one...

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By jedistyle
this does look like a cool set. i also agree about being a bit dissapointed that there is no jedi with these troopers. it is called "treachry on sulacami", it would have been nice to see the jedi they where treacherous againt. it was an obvious repack oppurtunity for the stass allie figure to, i'm surprised hasbro didn't capitalize on it! :? either way it looks like a great set and i'd like to have about 10 of these troopers too, so good luck to us all when these hit the shelves! :)
By tenike1
Let's see... two speeder bikes and two super-articulated clones. Enough said.
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By MasterGrievous
If I had a choice between that jedi or a clone, I'd probably go with the clone...
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By saddestwookiee
I would like to have seen a nice Stass Allie figure for this pack. I do love the clones, though. It may just be a battle pack I purchase.

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