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By The Professor
I had really been trying to give up the habit of collecting Star Wars figures (it's been months since my last purchase), but these new waves really seem to put a damper in those plans. These new figures are leaps and bounds past the offerings of only a few years ago. I'm terribly excited about the Anniversary Collection!
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By MasterGrievous
Wave 3:
Darth Vader- A good Vader repack/resculpt. Looks to be a repack of the ANH Tin Vader. I didn't see the Obi-Wan cape coming, and it looks to be plastic and not cloth, which is more of a good thing IMO.

Luke Skywalker-Meh. It looks ok. The headsculpt and knees look bad.

Biggs-Good for those who wanted this, though I thinks its pretty boring.

Jawa and LIN- My favorite of Wave 3. I love Jawas! The looks to be the best Jawa yet, and the LIN droid is great as well.

Stormtrooper-Good to see the VOTC Stormie make a return, this time with a removable helmet!

Concept Chewbacca- Like Biggs, this is good for those who really wanted this, but I don't like the design very much.

Elis Helrot-I don't like the design of it, but the more cantina aliens the better.

Wave 4:
Jedi Luke-I would of perfered DSII Luke, but I suppose this is a fine looking Luke.

CZ droid-I always wanted this droid. Cudos to Hasbro for finnaly making this.

Umpass-Pre-Posed action! Lame

Holiday Special Boba Fett- My favorite! This is one I'm sure many, including me, have wanted for awhile.
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By bigdawg440
This is going to be a great year for collectors!!!!! :D
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By Grievous
Vader- Yes
Luke- In person
Biggs- Yes, although if he warms I'll wait
Jawa- May pick up 2
Stormtrooper- As many as I see, awesome!
Mc Quarrie Chewie- SWEET! I expected the Chewie on the Bonus DVD disc. An unexpected surprise!
Elis- Yep, the more cantina the better
Luke- Possibly, no DS II still. :(
CZ-3- WOW The first protocol droid with balljoint arms! Now do this on 3PO.
Umpass- Pass, major warmer & pre-posed. So far the dud of the 30th A
Holiday Fett- Wow, the only cool part of the Holiday special gets a figure! WOO HOO! Looks like the VOTC sculpt too! :shock:
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By SpecialOpsUnit
The only one we don't see is Biggs. Hmmmm...
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By Grievous
He'll no doubt come with the other half of the Vaporataor.
By Rune Haako
Luke has the other half of the Vaporator, it's between him and the bottom part in the package.
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By YAK_Chewie
Rune Haako wrote:Wave 3 carded pics from Brian's Toys






Wow, what a fantastic wave of figures... I can't believe how sweet these look!

JAWA - the more I see this, the more I like it! It seems so much better than the previous versions of this, and thank The Maker they included the LIN rather than another Gonk or Tredwell droid... if I can afford to, I want about 6 of this.

LUKE - the figure is pretty decent I think, but it's the vaporator that I really like. I want at least 3 of these, maybe more...

STORMTROOPER - while I love the body (and the card!) I just don't like the helmet... it seems too poofy to me... so I'm undecided on this incarnation of the stormie.

VADER - gotta have it just for the Obi cloak...

CHEWBACCA - what a sweet looking figure... I want half a dozen at least, and a couple for customs!

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By Darth Holmes
That Jawa looks really good and I dig the droid. I'll be getting one or two of those.

The Luke looks really bad IMO. The face and the arms are just weird looking. Bad sculpt. I'll pass.

The Strormtrooper is just okay. I agree the helmet looks a bit off. I can't see anything being better than the VOTC version so I'll probably pass.

The Vader is cool just for the fact that it comes with Obi Wans robe. Does anyone know what version this is? There are so many can't remember.

The Concept Chewie is pretty cool. I actually don't care for the design so much as I like the idea of the concept line and I think these will make good collectors. I'll pick one up and keep in the card same as the Concept Trooper.
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By The Professor
It almost looks to me like the Stormtrooper helmet is the POTF version. I hope not, though.
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By YAK_Jayson
I think it just might appear “warpedâ€
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By darth_frisco
I agree the face & arms on Luke seem real bad
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By YAK_Chewie
I think the Stormie will be a good figure... but I still contend that the helmet is poofy. Not that it's POTF2 material, but more or less the helmet that is with the Comic Pack Han Solo.

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By YAK_Chewie
I could have missed it, but I didn't notice any other discussion on Wave 4... so I added to this dusty old thread. :wink:

Anyways, I got my case of Wave 4 figures from in the mail today - awesome!

McVader - I didn't open this one yet. Not really liking this concept a whole lot. Might trade it to a local buddy. Looks like a good figure though, and true to the design. Without opening it, I'd still give it a 8/10.

Animated Fett - Again, didn't open it. Not sold on this for some reason... I might open it just for the weapon? Looks really damn good though, so 9/10.

Luke - Really disappointed in this one, like I assumed I would be. Just hate the silk piece, it really takes away from the figure. Why they didn't just sculpt the tunic on is beyond me, and the plastic looks way too shiny and cheap. Only giving this 6/10.

Elis Helrot - Rock on! This figure is absolutely awesome. I want an army of these for customs... and can you say custom Sith Lord out of this?? Wow! Really a great sculpt and superior articulation. Love the removable scarf too. And the cantina barstools really are cool how they come apart. Could use a tad more articulation, so 8/10.

Onith - This one turned out a little better than I thought. Still seems like an akward sculpt to some degree... would have benefited from soft goods on the tunic maybe, or made it a more flexible plastic. But love the cantina bar section, it's great having the bar complete finally! Whoo Hoo! Because it comes with the bar, I give it 7/10.

Umpass-Stay - Wow, this is AWESOME! Might be the best of the wave. So many removable parts of his outfit. Really impressed and surprised at how great this figure is. Looks like wonderful custom fodder, and love the drum. 9/10 for me, would have been a solid 10 if the knees were articulated.

CZ-4 - Nothing about this figure, to me is a drawback. Would have been nice to get some sort of pack-in, but it's great as is. Truly wonderful sculpt, and awesome articulation... and I do mean awesome. 10/10 score.


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