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By The Professor
UI've heard stories about that toy. My brother-in-law cherished it as a child.

I, too, would love Grievous' ship at this scale, especially since it's the right size.

I like the Infiltrator and might buy it (although I hardly ever buy vehicles). I had been afraid the proportions were going to be different on the ship. I like the scaled-down look. Padme's ship from Episode III might be a little difficult to must since we saw it's interior. Her second ship from Episode II, though, is a possibility. Dooku's ship might not be a bad choice, either.
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By Paulskywalker
I think we will get Grievous' ship in this size, it's got to be on their list. It doesn't do much in the movie but it's more than the Infiltrator and it was used in the BF2 game which could give it some more prominance with kids and collectors.
By Lance Quazar
JediTray wrote:Like I stated at DSP2 where I report, HasBLO really screwed up. AGAIN. This vehicle would have had SO much potential, were it larger and electronic. Folks would rather have lights, sound, and storage than gimmicks.

I'll definitely get the V-Wing since it is a small vehicle to begin with and HasBLO hopefully will keep it's size in check, but the Infiltrator.... I'll wait for clearance. Thumbs DOWN.

Wow. Since your contempt for their product is so high that you resort to using stupid and childish nicknames, perhaps you need to take a break from collecting SW toys. Or just grow up...

Once again, the Sith Infiltrator does not DESERVE or JUSTIFY a larger vehicle. It's from "PHANTOM MENACE", the worst-received SW film ever. Given that reception and it's age (going on 8 years), the has all but disappeared from the public's consciousness.

Even still, the ship appears on screen for TEN SECONDS and does NOTHING.

That is not something Hasbro should be investing (and gambling) a large amount of money on. Period.

The fact that we're getting the vehicle at all is great. It shows that, within limits, Hasbro IS listening to collectors and is still willing to take some (reasonable) risks. EVERYONE should rush out and buy this toy for the health of the line.

On its own, it is a very cool-looking vehicle, although a small one. Yes, it has a "gimmicky" action feature, which will only help it sell to the kids (helping ensure its success and the success of the line.) Thankfully, this gimmick doesn't affect the aesthetics AT ALL.

Electronics? Personally, I never cared about them, though I respect that some do. However, when was the last time we got them at all? Falcon and AT-AT re-releases? Before that, don't we have to go all the way back to the Queen's starship?

I can't fault Hasbro for trying to modulate their risk by not including this expensive feature.

The fact that, with the SW films over forever, Hasbro is still putting so much thought and effort into the line (even with its flaws and occasional frustrations) is nothing short of amazing. It's a great time to be a collector with many terrific products due out this year and beyond.

Bravo, Hasbro. Keep up the great work and you'll continue to get my business.
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By Paulskywalker
I've never liked electronics they actually go into the gimmicks catergory for me. I'd rather they would spend the money for electronics on something else.
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By YAK_Chewie
I can definitely understand people wanting their vehicles to be to scale... heck, look what 21st century toys does with their vehicles... They do one hell of a job on their line, and make some of the most detailed pieces that I have ever seen.

...BUT we're simply not going to get that sort of quality out of our Star Wars vehicles... the Star Wars vehicles (for the most part) are MASSIVE. Hasbro just can't justify it making a Sith Infiltrator that is 3 feet long - it simply won't sell enough to make it worthwhile - they'd take a hit on it. Plus those 'to scale" planes/tanks that 21st century toys make almost ALWAYS end up on clearance because they don't seem to sell very well.

Would I buy an Infiltrator that was to scale? Probably, but only if they kept it under $100.00 - much more than that, I wouldn't buy a vehicle that has such little screen time, lack of real playability/imagination, and little interest to me. But this $20.00 one is great. I'd rather it be a bit larger and around $30.00 or so, but I'll take this because it's better than nothing.

There is a segment of collectors out there who believe that everything should be made to scale... well that just can't happen. Imagine how big a to scale AT-AT or even Falcon would be... it would be awesome looking, and some of us would shell out the cash for them, but most people don't have the money or space to fit such large pieces. Not to mention, parents aren't going to want to pay that much for a toy like that. Small vehicles like the Landspeeder - no problem getting them to scale. Larger ones... just won't happen...

Now there is talk we are getting an AT-TE, but chance are this is not going to be "to scale" - my guess is that they will make it at least as big as the Gunship, maybe around $60.00 - $80.00 in price. It will probably look awesome but be grossly scaled down. But that's fine with me - better that than nothing at all.

Same goes with playsets, which you all know I want Hasbro to make. But I know they can't be to scale, that's just an unrealistic expectation.

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By Huntsmæñus

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By YAK_Chewie

I don't know... this looks a hell of a lot better than I really thought it would. Definitely pleased with this. Much bigger than I thought it would be too.

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By Paulskywalker
I still think it looks great, but i think it looks smaller than it did in the prototype pic. I was hoping the ball cockpit part would be about the size of the TIE cockpits.
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By bigdawg440
Hasbro is pulling out all the stops this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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By MasterGrievous
Hmmm...much better than I originaly thought it would be. Definetly fooking forward to picking it up.
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By BrentS
Well from everything I've seen, there is nothing stopping me from picking one up.
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By darth_frisco
anybody else get this one? Pretty neat. Could be worse. Not bad. This might be the worst example of Instructions I ever saw though... and Instructions are always usually a little bit wrong
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By BrentS
I found one earlier this week. However, I haven't opened it yet.
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By Darth Holmes
darth_frisco wrote:anybody else get this one? Pretty neat. Could be worse. Not bad. This might be the worst example of Instructions I ever saw though... and Instructions are always usually a little bit wrong

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