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By Sylexus
Paulskywalker wrote:Love the smilie Jayson!

Sylexus, your best bet for trying to get the straight bar pieces is the OTC screen scenes as Jayson mentioned because they are still quite commmon and reasonable priced; were as the Saga Deluxe sets also mentioned are farely rare-ish and ridiculously priced on Ebay etc.

Also I have noticed being a newbie that you have displayed an unawareness (is that a word?) of older items, most sites have figure archives you will find yourself pleasantly surprised by what has come out over the years. The best two archives are our own Yakguide and Rebelscums archive; links below i hope you enjoy!

yea unawareness is a word, yea im a noob, yea thanks for the help

well im off to go look for some cheap ones

(EDIT: when you said they could all fit together did you mean both OTCs, all 3 sagas, and the 2 TACs??? if so im gonna tyr to grab em all)
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By Niktom
Sylexus wrote:
(EDIT: when you said they could all fit together did you mean both OTCs, all 3 sagas, and the 2 TACs??? if so im gonna tyr to grab em all)

Yes.. all of them fit together from all three lines. Paul's right on the OTC's... they had a very very small release being K-Mart exclusives so the price gets jacked up on them. If you're just wanting loose bar pieces I'd go with the Saga ones. I've got 8 sets and never paid over $5 each for them sealed. If you have any local conventions or flea markets then I would check there too.
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By Theo Zissou
Possible SPOILER for those who have yet to play the game. Ideas for another Force unleashed wave

I think they could make another really cool wave from force unleashed. Starkiller in his first raxus prime outfit, Proxy for sure, Kazdan has to be one of the coolest ideas. I love his disilliusioned junk droid jedi council. shaak ti of course, maybe leia, Starkillers father. would be a pretty awesome wave :)
By stroebel83
saw these chillin on the shelf today!!!
By stroebel83
rc-1207 Sev wrote:Wait what do you mean man like the old ones or the packs or ?
And do you have any of the older TRU TFU packs ?

haha meant the new ones saw the heading but didn't check the year
By stroebel83
not extra
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