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By YAK_Jayson
I was unhappy with the lack of Jumptrooper accessories too, so I just made my own:

I used the rifle from the AT-RT Driver and the TAC Jango jetpack


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By Niktom
I LIKE! Did you make it removable?

Makes me wonder if they planned something for back there a very very long time ago, wrote the cardback and then discovered somewhere in developement they couldn't make it due to price and forgot to correct the cardback. The more I look at it and think on it, what Jedistyle said makes more and more sense.

Today's Pub posting...


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By YAK_Jayson
Yep, I just bored a hole in his back and plugged it in. 8)

From our Qna on April 4, 2008:

Q2: I recently purchased the Force Unleashed Jump Trooper and I understand why you didn't make his new gun and gave him an existing similar gun, but on the cardback it shows him with a jetpack on and even mentions it in the description; so why did you make a jump trooper without a jetpack - the main requirement for his expertise?

A2: We try very hard to create product that accurately relates to the SW fantasy and with the highest levels of authenticity and detail. But, the development timelines for the video game are much more fluid than our product development schedule and we were using the best reference we had at the time (which was supplied by LFL) to create the figures. The reason he does not have the correct gun and jet pack is because those were added to the game after we had the product designed, sculpted, and released for tooling. We were however able to match the package copy and images on the package to match the game because these type of changes can happen very late in our development process where as the actual product can not change because of the time needed for tooling and ramp-up time on production capacities.

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By jedistyle
intresting. so i guess the the reference material they had at the time and the production timeline for the actual figure just didn't jive huh? thats a bummer. i really like the evo trooper backpack and a new sculpt of an imperial jetpack woul dhave, im sure, been very cool. :)

at least there is an actual explanation provided on this oversight....... :roll:
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By Niktom
jedistyle wrote:at least there is an actual explanation provided on this oversight....... :roll:

No doubt. Thanks for pulling that out Jayson!
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By jedistyle
there was a guy over at Rs that used goof off, it came off pretty sucessful, except for right in the creviss of the armor designs. other wise it would probably take a repaint....... :)
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By Niktom
Darth Kikinou wrote:I don't like the weathering on either the jump or evo troopers' boots;

I'm with you on that. If they're going to weather then do it all over. That Evo Trooper has a wide range of possibilities for custom weathering given his description... " Specially Trained for Combat in Hazardous Environments"

Wouldn't surprise me if on down the line we get a whole range of weathered "variations".
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By Theo Zissou
i was going to put this in the classifieds but i thought i'd just post it here.

I'm looking for the bandolier that comes with rahm kota if anyone has an extra from buying multiples for customs or what not.

thanks :)
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By Diddly
So, I originally did not want to buy any of these TFU figures but I picked up Juno Eclipse and soon after picked up two of the Shadow Guards. All great figures. The only figure I really want that's left is the Vader, which I saw once and passed on... stupid!
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By Paulskywalker
I have not seen the Vader since the first time i saw the unleashed in TRU and bought him.
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By jedistyle
i only ever saw vader once and i grabed 2 of them, 1 MOC & 1 loose in my collection......great figure, the damage is great on him! :)
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By YAK_Chewie
Vader is very tough to find around here, as is the Shadow Guard. The Stormies are kind of tough too, but show up here and there. So does Rahm and Maris.

The only one that's *easy* to find is Juno.

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By Clones
So far in Central New Jersey...

The two Stormtroopers are easy enough to find. I wouldn't say they're abundant, but they've showed up in smaller quantities at most stores in the area.

The Vader, Shadow Guard, Rahm Kota and Maris Brood are the hardest to find. The only place I've seen them in abundance is at one KB Toys.

Finally, there's Juno Eclipse, who pegwarms in mt area.
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