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By BrentS
I really like how the V-wing looks. I may have to buy one of those.
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By bigdawg440
I am hoping they make a V-Wing pilot to go with it soon
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By darth_frisco
I picked this up. Pretty neat. Till they make a special pilot I'll just use the regular clone pilot
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By darth_frisco
found it at both Targets in Colma San Francisco. oddly these Targets were well stocked with the new V-Wing, Sith Infiltrator, little white TIE, and S-Tin starfighter, even though still no sign of the 30th anniv figs (still haven't even seen most of the last couple figure waves from last year)
By tenike1
Nice Utapau Clone Trooper Pilot. 8)
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By bigdawg440
I have yet to find them yet.
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By Theo Zissou
i found this last friday before i left town and was able to get it for the target sale price of $18.

i just took it out of the box today. the ship design is really cool. i need a clone pilot to go in it though.

one of the wings doesn't pop open though. :/ might have to exchange it.
By tenike1
If anybody wants a V-wing, preferably to open, I bought one tonight at Target. I am not really interested in it myself, but I don't want it to go into the wrong hands. If anybody wants it at cost plus shipping, let me know.
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By SpecialOpsUnit
I'm really excited to find one of these. One of the only vehicles I plan on buying this year.

If I ever find it, that is. :wink:
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