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By jedistyle
cool pics chewie. it's to bad that is a celebration exclusive, it would have been a good seller on shelves.

those really look like greaty figures. the 3po especially. it look like it has great articulation, except for the knees.

what with that? is that the most exspensive joint to produce or somthing? it seems they are constantly killing awsome figures by giving them all good articulation, except for the knees....sora bulq, biggs academy outfit, and now this one!

but either way, i'll need to get a couple of these. is there a limited number, or will they just be sold at celebration?
By tenike1
Who's getting me one?
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By YAK_Chewie
Theo Zissou wrote:well one person got it right in the poll voting for r2. :)

i hope i can get at least one of these. i love the concept figures and this set is really cool.

I picked "other" for 3PO... a two pack really is nice, I just wish there are enough to go around...

By tenike1
Save me the coin. :D
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By Horse_Head
Well I think this will be one of those that grow on me... I will get my 4 for myself and maybe I can scoop up some of other peoples' "extras"... 8) :?:
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By Darth Holmes
Great...this is going to be a bitch to get. :roll:
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By Niktom
This freakin SUCKS!!!!

It's bad enough they have to move C4 all the way to the west coast.....

Now they have to screw up the only set of figures this year that I want by making not one but a pair of them exclusive to C4.

I am just about sick and tired of all the "Exclusive" B.S.

Ok... I feel better now, sorry about that gang.

The figures look awesome! Right on par with the rest of the McQuarrie figs.

Heres to hoping that all of us can get someone to get them for us.

Or that the C4 "Exclusive" just happens to show up "unExlcusively" on
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By YAK_Jayson
Theo Zissou wrote:well one person got it right in the poll voting for r2. :)

That was me. :lol:
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By BrentS
I'm glad I'm going to C4 :wink:
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By Niktom
BrentS wrote:I'm glad I'm going to C4 :wink:

Brent... buddy.... ol'pal.... buddy..... dude..... friend of the ages..... and fellow collector.... 8)
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By Gorkoracing
Check out that pic of the 2 different cardbacks for cIV and Cel. UK. The one showing what the CIV cardback will look like describes the figure as being a concept luke skywalker. Possibly 2 exclusives??

Here's the pic:
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By YAK_Chewie
I wonder how much these will be? About $20 each you think if able to get one at the show?

Also didn't they offer the Vader last time online later? Maybe these will be online too.

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By Horse_Head
The C2 Jorg Sacul went for $10 I think... C3 Vader was $15 (plus $3 for the "exclusive" star case)... I'm hoping that this one will $15 also... but not sure yet...

And as far as I can tell there will the same exclusive for both cons... just with different card backs. But having one say "Luke" is a bit odd. :shock:

And Vader was available after C3 at
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By tenike1
I'll pay extra for anyone who can get me a mint one. :) If you want money for a hotdog or something, it's well worth it. I've gotten figures for other people when I went to conventions and I know it's not a fun wait.
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