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By tenike1
I think space is more of an issue for carded collectors. Condition is probably the biggest thorn in a carded collector's side too. Most of hasbro's products are damaged before they reach the pegs. It's very frustrating going into the store and finding a new figure that you have to look for all over again because it's not mint enough.
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By Commander DiFabio
tenike1 wrote:I think space is more of an issue for carded collectors. Condition is probably the biggest thorn in a carded collector's side too.

Exactly. I have tons of money to spend, it's just the main thing with this Hobby is the lack of space. I can certainly find room but it will just look poorly displayed and crappy. My house is a mess to begin with. My father has way to many cars, pin ball machines, sports memrobillia, you name it(he's crazier than me with his collecting habits) and unlike me he doesn't keep his mint "collectors items" as well as he should. My house is just un organized, I haven't found the time to organize my junk but the time is about to come. Overall I have to get rid of things. I may even turn to a loose collector as much as MOC is important to me.
By tenike1
Yeah. I might have to get rid of star cases and just use boxes soon. :?
By tenike1
#22653 ... 5&zoneid=2

It looks like I forgot about this running change.

Hopefully it will stay this way too.

Clean / OOM-9 variant and then the Slashed / Shot variant. If these all got mixed up in pairs, I would go insane. For the sake of the change, I'll add both of the confirmed pairs to my list.
By tenike1
With the maroon/red battle droids coming out, I don't know which versions will come in each revision, but hopefully I can figure out what's going on with the Clone Trooper Officers and Imperial Officers. Let me do some research and get back to you. :twisted:
By tenike1
I learned a couple of things.

1.) The running changes aren't packed randomly. Just like the UGH last year being "chase variants," they aren't really chase variants. They are pre-planned and asserted into specific case assortments. I was able to find three case assortments that weren't so vague and got the revisions for the Clone Trooper Lieutenant (blue), Clone Trooper Captain (red) and Clone Trooper Commander (yellow).
2.) I didn't know "officer" wasn't a rank. I thought the officers were blue since the packaging said officer, but the blue Phase 1 Clone Troopers are lieutenants and I fixed my list.

Things still yet to be determine:
1.) How many battle droid variations that will exist with the introduction of the red/maroon battle droid.
2.) How many pit droid variations that will exist with the introduction of the pack-in accessory.
3.) Which revision(s) the orignal production 501st Legion Trooper and dirty Sergeant Sandtrooper will appear in or if they will be random.
4.) Which revision(s) the new dirty Sergeant Sandtrooper and super-articulated 501st Legion Trooper will appear in.
5.) If the Saga Legends have a numbering system!!!

I personally see many combinations of battle droids coming and I hope to be able to find them all. I hope that hasbro doesn't decide to make every possible combination, but here's how this could hurt carded collectors:

01. 2 Tan (clean/clean)
02. 2 Tan (clean/shot)
03. 2 Tan (clean/sliced)
04. 2 Tan (clean/commander)
05. 2 Tan (shot/shot)
06. 2 Tan (shot/sliced)
07. 2 Tan (shot/commander)
08. 2 Tan (sliced/sliced)
09. 2 Tan (sliced/commander)
10. 2 Red (clean/clean)
11. 2 Red (clean/shot)
12. 2 Red (clean/sliced)
13. 2 Red (clean/commander)
14. 2 Red (shot/shot)
15. 2 Red (shot/sliced)
16. 2 Red (shot/commander)
17. 2 Red (sliced/sliced)
18. 2 Red (sliced/commander)

I don't see them putting two commanders in one package but two of each other style in one package.

I hope they stick with the grunt and commander sets with the shot and sliced sets being the second and only variation, cutting that list down!

1.) 2 Tan (clean/commander)
2.) 2 Tan (shot/sliced)
3.) 2 Red

or 3.) 2 Red (clean/commander)
4.) 2 Red (shot/sliced)

And will they include AOTC coins in with the red battle droids or still include TPM coins with them?

Blah. These Saga Legends are killing me already as it is!
By tenike1

Someone better bring this up in an upcoming QnA. It looks like hasbro is still forgetting to complete the stripe on the helmets of the Episode II Clone Troopers.
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By Commander DiFabio
I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!! :roll: Man I'm glad that I bought so many of the EE packs. They do it to differentiate the versions. Like I said I'm glad I got the EE packs, this really sucks to you people that missed out. I know I would be pissed. :evil:

I take it back.

By tenike1
I think clavius had a personal issue against me, so none of my questions ever got submitted. PLEASE SUBMIT THIS QUESTION!
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By Commander DiFabio
Mine never did either. :roll: Actually I would copy and paste all the questions on to MS Word, and then when I saw the submitted questions I checked, and they didn't match??? :shock: Unless I missed something. It's really strange. I even try asking the same question twice in a couple of months and yet they still don't get submitted. They are pretty good to, not involving a playset, not something thats already been answered. I don't like the QnA thing anyway it's a hoax, and pointless. Just not here but every site. Good luck on that question Tenike.
By tenike1
This is something worth asking.
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By Commander DiFabio
Yes, yes it is.
By tenike1
Dear pseduo-god, how come everyone is masturbating to the new Luke Skywalker?
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By Commander DiFabio
:lol: It must have something to do with the oversized "Ball" joints. No really that figure is not something to get wet over. Hasbros just milking it)mot giving us the best, definitive mold) so they have an excuse at 20 more Jedi Lukes. Repacks, rehashes, kitbashed you name it. I see this crappy figure lasting a long, long time.
By tenike1
Yes. I'll be 31 when hasbro makes another Jedi Luke. :roll:
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