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About how many times have you seen the following figures so far at retail, and which retailers are you seeing them at?


Darth Vader & 30th Anniversary Coin Album - See this everywhere I go, Walmart, Target, TRU (don't think my Kmarts have them though)

Galactic Marine - What a tough find this guy is! I've seen him several times because I go on a lot of toy runs, but haven't seen any in a couple weeks. When I did see them, it was mostly at Walmart.

Mustafar Lava Miner - Kind of hard to find, the only place I ever see him is at Target. Probably seen him at least a dozen times.

R2-D2 - Everywhere I look, I see this little droid.

Obi-Wan Kenobi - Worst pegwarmer in quite some time. He's right up there with the biggest pegwarmers of 2006... some stores in my area have 10-15 figures - all Kenobi.

Mace Windu - Wow, Hasbro really did well with this one so far. Great figure, great seller. He should be refreshed later this year for sure. I saw these in decent numbers at Walmart at first, but don't even recall seeing one at Target or TRU ever. Wow.

Airborne Trooper - Another good seller. Not Marine status, but still a tough find. Saw a few at first at each retailer, but none in a few weeks outside of seeing two at a Target last week.

Super Battle Droid - Ha, even outselling the Airborne Trooper in my area! Good Separatist figures CAN sell when done right. I do have about 12 of them as I saw them in high numbers for about 2-3 days at Walmarts, but other than that, it's a hard figure to find. Seen him maybe once in the past week at a Target.

Concept Stormtrooper - Geeze Hasbro, can you make a figure any harder for people to get????


Rebel Honor Guard - Just seen one time at a Target (well my wife did and she got it for me), plus I have one extra thanks to Tenike1.

Han Solo (Smuggler) - Saw one time and got it at Target.

Luke Skywalker (Ceremony) - Have not seen on the pegs yet... my wife saw one, but already did have one thanks to Tenike1.

Death Star Trooper - Tenike1 sent me one, and my wife got me one too at Target. Other than that, nada...

Biggs Darklighter (Rebel Pilot) - Haven't seen yet.

Concept Boba Fett - Lucked out and have seen 3 of these at two different Targets, bought all of them (2 for me, one for a friend). Strange that I've seen this more than any other Wave 2 figure.

What are your overall experiences so far with TAC? I'm really frustrated with how much SAGA2 stuff is still one the pegs... not enough room for the new line, and I'm still seeing SAGA2 stuff being restocked...

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By BrentS
I agree almost 100% Chewie. I've never seen the McStormie at retail. The rest I've seen at all three of the main stores. The Airborne and Marine sell out in a day. Lava Miner, SBD, and Mace a bit slower.

I haven't seen a single figure from WAVE 2.
By Rune Haako
Darth Vader & 30th Anniversary Coin Album - Haven't found it.

Galactic Marine - Found 2.

Mustafar Lava Miner - Found 1, and ordered 1 online.

R2-D2 - Pegwarming

Obi-Wan Kenobi - Pegwarming

Mace Windu - Pegwarming

Airborne Trooper - Found 1.

Super Battle Droid - Found 1, and ordered 1 online.

Concept Stormtrooper - Found 1.

Wave 2 - Haven't found yet.
I've found an over-abundance of Vader w/ coin album, R2, and Kenobi. I have yet to find anything else from the TAC waves, nada. I should note, too, that during a recent visit to TRU I saw they had a dozen Kenobis but a few days later they were all gone (leaving zero figures there) so they do sell and I insist that this figure will not be the pegwarmer from wave 1... that honor will ultimately belong to the lava miner!

What I have been finding is a few final 22 saga figures, but nothing spectacular. A few Kit Fistos, clone engineers, and the long neck jedi that I hate. Also finding the death star gunner which I love.
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By darth_frisco
the only TAC figs I've seen in the SF area are Obi Wan (I've seen him twice, bought once), and R2-D2 and Mace Windu (both seen once and bought).

I don't like the facial expression on the new Mace Windu fig...
By tenike1
Here's my break down:

Darth Vader with coin album: At least a hundred.
Galactic Marine: Close to seventy.
Mustafar Lava Miner: Sold better than I expected. Close to twenty.
R2-D2: It's really a debate whether Obi-Wan or R2 is more of a pegwarmer. I think R2 comes in a close second. :roll:
Obi-Wan Kenobi: A good figure, actually. Pegwarmerlicious, oh yeah.
Mace Windu: Probably third easiest out of the wave, but seen maybe about twice as much as the lava miner.
Airborne Trooper: Close to seventy.
Super Battle Droid: Close to fifteen.
McQuarrie Concept Stormtrooper: Once at retail, two by DPCI.

Rebel Honor Guard: Plenty of him when I found him.
Han Solo: Easy when I found the wave.
Luke Skywalker: Easy when I found the wave.
Death Star Trooper: Plenty to go around.
Biggs: Wow. I actually had to find two cases to get two of these guys.
McQuarrie Concept Boba Fett: One at retail, no others.

I actually have found everything out in the wild.
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By Darth Kikinou
darth_frisco wrote:the only TAC figs I've seen in the SF area are Obi Wan (I've seen him twice, bought once), and R2-D2 and Mace Windu (both seen once and bought).

I don't like the facial expression on the new Mace Windu fig...

I agree about Windu, plus I have about ten Mace figures as it is, I'm not anxious to get any more! Why couldn't they put THIS Windu figure in the Order 66 pack?! The five I have from my Attack Battalion weren't enough?

So, Darth Frisco.. if that is your real name, we are competitors here in NorCal eh? Well well well :)
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By YAK_Chewie
My local Walmart FINALLY got in Wave 1. Looks like they put out about 6 cases, and put them on a sidepanel and shoved them in with other figures... (this Walmart is very sloppy, they have 3 differnet sections for Star Wars - two sections are just a couple pegs squeeze in between Power Ranges and some other toy line - due to a SAGA backup).

I bought one Windu and a SBD and left the rest, though there were no McQuarries. Lots of Galactic Marines and Airborne Troopers.

After that, I called a friend to give him a heads up. He went by there this morning, and told me all that was left was one Marine, and a ton of R2 and Kenobi.

Wave 2... where the hell are you?

By tenike1
Shitty, shitty, shitty.

No Targets around here are getting any cases in. It looks like some stores might have gotten one on saturday, so I'll go with that as my lucky day. But, bleh, what happened? :x
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By BrentS
I still haven't seen any Wave 2. Zip, Zilch, Zero.
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By Commander DiFabio
Nothing for about a couple of months now. I lucked out and got cases from the back. Other than that I haven't seen a single TAC figure except the original ones I saw at K-Mart.
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By Theo Zissou
seems like it's everywhere, but no more tac in this area anymore. i found a some tac wave 2 two weeks ago and thought it might be the sign of seeing tac on a normal basis. i have yet to see another tac figure since.

i never found a airborne, marine, or concept trooper while wave 1 was on the shelfs.

you would think with this being the 30th anni and all there would be more of these to go around. hmmm...
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By Darth Kikinou
Scored big tonight... 2x super battle droid and 1x death star trooper. My prophesy about Obi-Wan and the lava miner is beginning to be fulfilled... 1x Obi-Wan, 2x Lava miner...
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By YAK_Jayson
Check those Target stores the Vader w/Coin Albums have been marked down to $6.98 and the Tantive IV, Battle of Geonosis and Jedi Training on Dagobah Battle Packs are now $13.98.

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