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By tenike1
I stand corrected. Jerkoff is a word.

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jerk-off /ˈdʒɜrkˌɔf, -ˌɒf/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[jurk-awf, -of] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation
–noun Slang: Vulgar.
1. a stupid, bumbling, foolish, or lazy person; jerk.
2. an act of masturbating.
[Origin: 1965–70; n. use of v. phrase jerk off]
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By YAK_Den
Wowza! Can't we all just get along :D!
By tenike1
Apparently not. People have not been getting along since the existence of human life.

The distribution still sucks. The comic packs (the wave people actually want) are only showing up at TRU in small quantities. They need to hit Target and Wal-Mart in numbers. Stores also need to clearance or move their TSC figures to make room for the TAC.
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By jedistyle
yea, good call. i don't understand how poor old moff jerjerod is pulling $6.00 plus, and there is over 20 of them on the pegs at every retail store. the same with endor 3p0, etc.... clearance some of that stuff, they clearence battlepacks with a quickness at target. if they knocked down these saga figures a couple bucks they might actually sell a few of the pegwarmers.
By tenike1
Stores seem to have a real stubbornness about not putting basic figures on clearance. I don't get it. :x
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By Darth Kikinou
tenike1 wrote:Stores seem to have a real stubbornness about not putting basic figures on clearance. I don't get it. :x

The toys sold at retail stores don't conform to basic supply and demand economics, you have to go to the secondary market for that. Moff Jerjerod commands the same seven bucks as the galactic marine, they are not priced according to popularity. Why? Because price is a signal... if the Moff costs $3 while the marine costs $14, then that would tell the casual shopper that the marine is much better... same reason why movie theatres charge the same ticket price for "Spiderman III" that they do for "The Condemned" or whatever junk. So.... they CAN'T clearance the saga figures, they can put them on sale, but they can't clearance them.
By tenike1
Okay. Let's put them on sale then. :lol:
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By Darth Kikinou
tenike1 wrote:Okay. Let's put them on sale then. :lol:

If they did a buy one get one free (dare to dream), I'd load up on the Moff, make a bunch of custom officers with him, boo-yah! I'd still pass on C-3PO. Maybe get a couple of Lushros's.
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By jedistyle
if they did a sale, or even a buy 2 get one free, i'd grab a few moff's for officer customs. i just seems that some where someone would have enough sense to say hey, this pile of figures has been sitting here since december of last year. mabey it's time to put them on sale or cleareance them. i don't really by that they can't clearence certain figures idea, because targe does it all the time with battlepacks. you can fins an ambush on illum battle pack for $5.98 while the newer battle packs are still $19.99. even the tantive battle pack has been marked down to $13.98. so some retailers can mark down thier stock and sell it right next to full priced items, they've just chosen not to. and that is a real bummer for availibility of the new figures.
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By YAK_Chewie
It's weird, but some Walmarts have clearanced their SAGA figures, only to then get more in at full price. I saw it happen several months ago at a St.Louis Walmart, they lowered the figures to $4.00 each and put them all in the clearance aisle. Then they didn't get anything in for about a month - the Walmart 5 Wave at full price - and then more of the Appo Wave at full price. I heard a similar report from Kansas City area.

That St. Louis Walmart still has some of the SAGA figures on clearance too - about 10 of the Naboo Guard.

By tenike1
Wal-Marts probably the worst place for a back-up since the toys get beat up even worse and there are usually more of them, making them less appealing. Wal-Marts, especially here, need to put their figures on clearance or on sale so they can make room for the new ones.
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By Killer Lee 073
There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to Walmarts TAC or Saga distruibution right now. We have 5 wallyworlds around Erie and only one has recieved more than one shippment of TAC. And the strange thing is, that Walmart has all it's figures (including TAC) on sale for $4.95. I picked up two Death Star Troopers and a Han on sale when all the other stores are loaded with Saga at $6.99 a pop. I Makes No Sense! Put the Saga on sale every where and get rid if it. :x
By tenike1
The Stormtrooper and Fett are gone. What a surprise. :twisted:
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By Darth Holmes
All 4 Targets I went to yesterday had new shipments of wave 2 on the pegs. There was at least two of everything except the McFetts of course.
This is a good sign. Hopefully wave 3 isn't too far off.
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