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By YAK_Chewie
Seems in my area that Wave 2 has become a lot easier to find now, except for the McFett of course. The second hardest figure from the wave is till the Yavin Guard, but TRU does seem to be the best overall place to find these.

Wave 3 is still very hard to find, except for Vader.

Also, I'm surprised at how fast all the Legends sold in my area. Several stores put out 1-4 cases each within the past two weeks, and they moved super fast.

Except Vader.

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By Darth Holmes
TAC availability still blows.

I've seen some Wave 2 here and there but still mostly Wave 1 and old Saga crap is what I'm finding. The only McStormie and McFett I have seen were the ones I actually bought. I haven't seen a single McQuarrie anything in about 2 months. How you guys keep finding these I have no idea.

Wave 3 hit stores in my area about 2 1/2 weeks ago and with the exception of Vader they were all gone in just a couple days. I have yet to see a single Jawa or McChewie and I have been to over a dozen stores, most more than once in the past two weeks. All I can find is Vader. He is definitely the new Obi Wan peg warmer.

The Saga Legends were everywhere about a week and a half ago but now there is nothing left of those either.
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By Theo Zissou
still not much tac in my area. last time i went out i did find a single tac figure. a jawa, which means wave 3 has been here. hopefully sag goes away soon. didn't they release plans to do away with the pegs for saga?

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