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By Jedi_Fejj_Ograw
Okay, so I managed to use the old DCPI trick at Target and walked out last night with all 6 Vintage TAC figures....the headache followed...

These are all heat-sealed this year. I am a Mint on Card collector and really wanted the coins. After thinking about this, I managed to find a way to save the integrity of the card and remove the little stickers inside without damaging the star case (too much).

The solution? I used a pen knife and cut through the Star Case and the Cardboard insert, beginning at the top of the Proof of Purchase and cutting toward the bottom on each side, then cutting through the star case across the bottom. DO NOT CUT THE TOP SIDE.

This creates a flap in the STAR CASE and the Cardboard Insert. Through this flap, you have access to the plastic bag taped to the inside of the cardboard insert. One simple cut through the bottom of that bag, and you can leave it taped to the insert, and slide out the redemption certificate in one and the stickers in all 6.

The stickers in mine were all on the inside side of the baggy, meaning that through the flap you could see them near the blister coffin of the figure. I slid them with a pen knife toward the slit I made in the bottom of the baggy and pulled them out, leaving the certificate, tape, and bag pretty well intact in 5 of the figures.

Pushing the flap closed then, a simple piece of clear packing tape, seals the opening again...and there you go.

You can then attach the 6 stickers to one certificate and get the coins!

The figures and star cases then, look almost as good as they did when they came out of the case!

AND...You don't have to cut open the STAR CASE because of the damn heat seals... :D
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By BrentS
Good for (near) MOC collectors - nice tip. Hopefully the dregs of society don't see this tip and essentially rip off the stickers.
By tenike1
All five of my VTSC and six of my VTAC have their original POPs. I can't justify the cutting of the clamshells and being able to sleep at night. I just buy two sets. I also found an entire case of these at Toys 'R' Us this morning. $20 something dollars saved for me. I love returning things to Target. :twisted:
By Jedi_Fejj_Ograw
I know it may get to the dregs of society, but I can't justify spending $140 to get 2 sets of these puppies. For me, cutting through the bottom causes little damage and gives me the satisfaction of the return of the coins to boot! Looking at the figures, you would never know they were cut open....

A tip to those of you looking at retail still...carefully inspect those figures before buying....
By tenike1
Ha ha. It's all about how you feel. Because you sliced your figures, I'm not going to lose sleep at night. If I did that to my figures, I would lose sleep over it. It's worth spending the $140 because they will probably go on clearance later and you'll be able to get your money back.
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By Commander DiFabio
Yep. I plan on doing the same thing.
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