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By smartypants1635
Lucky Sonofa........... I havnt even seen wave 4 :shock: Or legends 3 and thats popping up all over. Normally CO gets stuff a bit earlier than the midwest. :(
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By MasterGrievous
Must......resist .......buying......Waves ......4 &
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By Darth Kikinou
MasterGrievous wrote:Must......resist .......buying......Waves ......4 &

Hehe, I just got my wave 5 case from EE :) First time I had ever ordered a case, it's quite nice, I don't have to make the endless disappointing trips to get my Roron and fleshy grievous :) This is a fantastic wave, I like every figure (except the stormie.) I've also got the AOTC case pre-ordered.

I am cold on wave 4 though, all I want from that one is the two cantina patrons, the CZ-4 droid and the Fett. I expect to start seeing these at the stores soon as all the scalpers will have had their fill.
By Lance Quazar
I also got Wave 5 from EE and still haven't seen a single Wave 4 on the pegs anywhere.

I'll just echo the other sentiments. This is a fantastic wave with some truly imaginative and inspired figures. I love it, there isn't a dud in the bunch.

My favorites are Starkiller Hero - such a terrifically designed and executed figure. She needs to have her own photonovel ASAP - and the KOTOR Sith Lords. Great to see these dudes in plastic! With Nihilus coming next year, soon my Sith figures will have enough numbers to take on the massive army of Jedi figures in some grand desktop battle royale.

Yoda's Kybuck is great, though I wish the saddle were removable. Not a whole lot of articulation here, but a wonderful sculpt. Really a great accessory. I am glad I have two if I ever need them to pull a sleigh or be in a parade or hang out in some paddock somewhere. Lovely creatures.

Roron Corob was such a great character in the cartoon that I am delighted we have him in plastic form. Slight nitpick - his eyes make him look like he is perpetually looking up. Not the best or most realistic look for him while dueling, since there are few figures that are taller than he is. It's a bit odd looking. But otherwise a great figure with very good articulation. His wide feet make it easy to pose him in a variety of "action" poses.

the 3PO is a clever release of a figure who we really don't ever need to see in plastic again thanks to the great SA version we got last year. However, the removable eye is a nice gimmick and the Jabba slime does look very good. Of course, the new sculpt of Salacious is an excellent addition and definitely puts him into the "must buy" category if you're a Jabba fan. He'll make an awesome addition to any Jabba's palace diorama.

Though I am not crazy about the yellow pants, Nelvan Anakin is another great looking figure with very good articulation. Very nice to see more and more characters from the superior Clone Wars series. Though he is obviously very scene specific (something I'm not usually crazy about), he looks terrific. If one can find a way to easily remove the tattoos, then you can have yourself a far more versatile semi-nude Anakin for any kind of discreet Padme apartment encounters your sick mind can come up with.

Hermie Odle - though the figure is definitely well-made, I am not a fan of this design and, as such, have already given away the figure. Just don't like the look of the ugly bastard.

I'm also not really heavily into the McQuarrie series. I like some of them (like Starkiller Hero), but have no need for wonky versions of major characters. As such, for me, the McVader is another pass. But I can't deny that the sculpting is very cool.

And finally there's Grevious. Probably my least favorite, but he's by no means a bad figure at all. I only like him with his cool, scary-looking mask on, though. Without it, I just don't like the look of the alien. His face looks oddly incomplete - like a bat had his features burned off by acid or something. The pre-posed elbows are a drawback, as well. But, beyond the face issues, it's an imaginatively conceived figure and he looks like a real bad-ass.

And I'm glad to get another stormtrooper out of it. I don't know why many people don't seem to like this new stormie - I think he's great, even though I have no desire to remove the helmets from these guys.

Great, great stuff Hasbro. I am delighted that they have given us an almost entirely EU wave. Though I don't really consum EU product myself aside from the cartoon and the occasional video game, it's still a great source for cool, unusual figures which add a lot of variety and flavor to one's collection.
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By Fritzkrieg
Damn I'm so far behind again. It seems like South FL is the on the But end of receiving it's alotment of figs. How does the Kybuck size up against a stansdard size figure, any opertunity for making a custom steed?

It's not just south Florida. Most of the Wal-Marts around here have never seen a TAC figure. There are still too many Saga ones. I've only seen Waves 1 and 3. Wave 2 was never big here.
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By YAK_Chewie
It really is ridiculous how bad distribution has been this year, and for the most part, last year too. I've definitely become a fan of ordering cases online again this year.

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By Darth Kikinou
YAK_Chewie wrote:It really is ridiculous how bad distribution has been this year, and for the most part, last year too. I've definitely become a fan of ordering cases online again this year.

You know, I did that for the first time myself, got my fleshy Grievous and Kybuck and Roron and Sith guys from EE. And the worst part is -- and I feel kind of guilty about this -- I opened the ones I wanted (the 5 mentioned there plus the stormie) and then sold the coins on ebay for a whopping $20 for the 6, and the rest of the figures (concept Leia, concep Vader, threepio with crumb, Hermi, Tatoo boy, and another Kybuck) for a total of $50, heck I almost got the case paid for minus the figures I wanted. I know that I'll never see any of those at retail so what the heck. I also pre-ordered the AOTC wave and I guess I'll do the same for that one, but there I'll just have one Padme to unload, the rest is MINE! :)
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By jedistyle
i've taken to ordering almost every wave online. the only ones i didn't order where 1 & 4. as chewie said it's just been such a bad year for distribution and you can't beat having the figures brought to you as opposed to running all over town and then ot even coming up with the ones you really want..... :wink:
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By YAK_Chewie
Oh, I wouldn't feel too guilty about that Kikinou, not at all. It's not like you're going to Walmart, buying all the new figures, then scalping them. Two totally different scenarios. But you didn't keep the concept Starkiller Hero figure? Yikes! It's really a nice figure once you open it, and I mean nice. Maybe the best of the wave.

I don't think I've got any other cases ordered yet, so I need to go ahead and preorder them. I need to check for updates, when I order from them I'm always very pleased. EE and Newforce are good too.

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By YAK_Jayson
I finally picked up a Roron Corobb figure from this wave. I wonder why Hasbro chose to give him a different hand sculpt than the one released in the TSC line?

TSC Ithorian- 3 fingers and a thumb.
TAC Ithorian - 4 fingers and a thumb.

The cartoon hand has 5 digits so maybe that was their reasoning. :?

Also on the coin it says "Jedi Knight" but on the card back it correctly says "Jedi Master" :roll:
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By Rune Haako
Maybe he's a subspecies of Ithorian? :wink:
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