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By YAK_Jayson
Here is a new Recent Acquisitions thread as to avoid crashing the 2.0 one...

Post away...
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By YAK_Jayson
The last post from the RA Version 2.0 thread....

tenike1 wrote:Anyway. Today I found a couple of sets of Obi-Wan/ARC Trooper Alpha, Luke Skywalker/R2-D2 and Quinlan Vos/Vilmarh on the top shelf. I bought one Luke and ARC Trooper Alpha set so I got them at the cheapest price and tax possible. Time for some returns, baby!
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By jedistyle
got vos/vilmmarh, luke/r2 and solo/chewie sets today. thats about it in the past week or so.
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By Darth Kikinou
Nuthin' today. I got a $5 Target coupon card in the mail on Saturday, it's burning a hole in my pocket but so far I haven't been able to find anything worth its use. Mind you, the $5 is only taken off the total bill if the sum exceeds $75, so whenever I find something worthwhile I'll stock up on some household items to hit the $75. I'm going to be out of razor blades soon heh, I better find something good before I run out ;)
By tenike1
I received my Jango Fett with red hologram from Hasbro Toy Shop in the mail today.

To Commander DiFabio: I know you are saving one for me. The one I got has the usual dents on the top. How is the one you are saving me? Other than the, the hologram is count Dooku and the bubble is really clear.
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By Commander DiFabio
I'll check it out when I get home.
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By saddestwookiee
I have been behind in my collecting, of late. Sheesh, I think the last thing I got (before this most recent purchase) was TAC Mace Windu. My local Wal-Mart, as usual, is way out of the loop. They have no second wave if TAC, yet. They have a ton of the Wal-MArt wave from SAGA still hanging around. That's why I was surprised to find the most recent Comic Packs. I picked up Quin and Villie. They had one Luke and R2. No Obi's from what I could see...
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By Darth Kikinou
Found the vintage figures today.. even the snowtrooper. I passed. I don't believe the two bounty hunters are necessary since I have the earlier releases of those (from POTJ I think), and they're pretty good. I like the Han very much, but I didn't want to go to checkout with just one item. I hate the snowtrooper. He sucks. I hate the soft goods skirt. Same with the Leia. And the Luke.. well they didn't have the Luke but I don't want it anyway.

For basic figures, the pegs are clogged full of junky saga figures, especially C-3PO in the chair. Does this mean the pegs will be clogged with TAC figures one year from now?

/Grumpy old man
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By Commander DiFabio
Well I hit up target today to look for the VTSC figures. I walk in punch in the code and to my astonishmint they were in the back. :D No employees are around for atleast 10mins, by the stock room or by the toy section for that matter. So I use that phone thing, and after the sixty seconds are up a middle aged, heavy, mean looking lady comes limping as if I interupted her from a rigorous work out. Now I'm always polite, but this time the lady was just being rude. She had a breathing problem, and sounded pissed. She asked "what did I want"?

I took out my piece of paper (haven't studied the DCPI# for the vintage figures yet) and pointed it out. Then she said what is this, I said, New Star Wars figures(which I clearly stated on the paper) and then I asked if she could pull out a case for me and if I could pick out 3. Then she said "lets look over here Mr." She takes me back to the Star Wars section, and points out that there isn't a price sticker for it then I attempt to point out that it's right here on my paper, until she goes ballistic and starts screaming how they can't pull figures from out of the back. It's not their policy, :roll: and theres a street date, I asked when it is and she refused to tell me.

I calmly stated that I meant no harm until she started yelling at me. I said you know what forget it, I'll come back on Sunday because I KNOW that thats the release date. Then she ran up to me and said oh I'll make sure it's not with a huge grin. I was thinking WTF? :shock: I only asked for her to pull out a case, all she had to do was say no. Fed up I threatened to report this to the manager until I found out that this was actually THE MANAGER! She started to insult me, so I slipped and said that if I come back Sunday morning and they are gone, or not put out yet I will ring your fat neck. So you can probably guess what happened next. :evil: I'M BANNED! I should have just walked away.

Just a couple of minutes ago I sent my father to go see if he could get a case, they asked him how many he wanted!?! I'm so fucking mad, I have never had trouble at this Target before!

By tenike1

What a bitch. I think it's time to go to corporate.
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By Commander DiFabio
I'm tempted to go back on Sunday and see what they do to me.
By tenike1
Heh. I would take a spycam with me. :lol:
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By Commander DiFabio
I can safely say I'll walk out of there with a case of figures I guarantee it.
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By tenike1
Well, you can collect call me from jail and tell me how it went. :wink:
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By Commander DiFabio
Good one, but I doubt it will lead to that.

Today, 58 year old menopausal woman and the rest of the simple minded Target employees were killed today. While the offender is still unknown and at large eye witnesses believe it was over some Star Wars toys.

In other news George Lucas.......
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