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By YAK_Chewie
YAK_Jayson wrote:Female Mando!!!!

:shock: :shock: :shock:



Dressed in red armor, Rav Bralor is a sharpened battle instrument, attacking with surgical precision and stunning efficiency. Jango handpicks her to assist in the training of the clone commandos, where she hammers their independent natures into razor-edged power. With 14 points of articulation, a removable helmet, and the best in weapons, she's ready for any challenge!

Wow, this set is REALLY getting interesting now. When I saw the clones, I started losing interest. But this female Mandalorian... WOW

I'm wondering if we might see some more Mandalorian types that Sithfire30 has made customs of (some of these are WIP images of this work but gives an idea of some more potential Mandalorians they could make)!

Mandalorian Neo-Crusader Rodian -


Commander Rohlan -


Mandalorian Doctor Demagol -


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By saddestwookiee
What I think we will see is some of the 75 Cuy'val Dar (Mando'a for "those who no longer exist"). Though they were all picked by Jango to train the clone troopers, it seems they weren't all Mandalorians. One of the novels lists a female Sullustan that was a cryptologist. Maybe we'll see something like her in the set? Only time will tell...
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By Theo Zissou
i'll be sure to use the link when i do order to help out the forums.

those sithfire ideas would be awesome too! i love all his work. i think they could pull off a decent Mandalorian Neo-Crusader Rodian. not as good as siths but cool enough :)
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By BrentS
I'm digging this set more and more. Glad I pre-ordered it!
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By jedistyle
this set seems to be focusing around mando during the clone wars era. the mando and trooper bio's all mention jango fett, do you guys think that we might see a SA Jango in this set? that woul dbe one heck of an exclusive for EE........ :wink:
By YakPurge
All the rest of the figures could be clones and I'd still order this just for that fem Mando.
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By Darth Kikinou
YakPurge wrote:All the rest of the figures could be clones and I'd still order this just for that fem Mando.

I must be the pickiest collector in the world here, but I think the paint apps for these look awful, not smooth at all, like they used too much of it. And I insist the fem mando's legs and head are too big. The clones are just dumb repaints with devil's horns painted on their helmets. A SA Jango, if well executed, that might be worth my $15 on ebay. But so far, label me unimpressed.

Bah humbug.
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By Paulskywalker
The paint app's look the way they do because they'll be sample figures, i wasn't to keen on this set at first but i'm really liking it now. Wonder what she looks like under her helmet.
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By YAK_Chewie
I think the paint apps look pretty good, but I admit that I don't like the clones so much. Just plain cheesy to me. But I'm sure some people are actually more excited about them than they are the Mandalorians themselves.

The female really is cool. I'm glad they're dipping into so many EU female ideas, but want them to also spend a bit more time with Padme... and while they're at it, Beru too.

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By YAK_Jayson
Revealed in the new Toyfare. Black Republic Commando (Scorch Repaint)

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By YAK_Jayson
ooops. darn you PC people. :lol:

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By CommanderKorbra
Heck yes at the female mandalorian. I'm glad this isnt a color scheme that I painted one of my custom female mandos with. Not only will this be a good figure to add to the army, but if I can get a few more of the female mandos for fodder it'll make any future female mando customs a lot easier.

Also liking the shadow RC posted up there. Maybe we'll get all of Omega. As Chewie mentioned, it woud be really cool to see some alien mandos as well - something like sithfire's rodian or wookiee or doctor mandalorian.
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