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By YAK_Chewie
For me, here's about where I stand -

Basic Figures
Galactic Marine - 9
Super Battle Droid - 10
Lave Miner - 2
Airborne Trooper - 4
McStormie - 4
Rebel Honor Guard - 6
Death Star Trooper - 6
Jawa - 1
Stormtrooper - 0 (and will stay that way)

AOTC Clone Trooper - 4
ROTS Clone Trooper - 0
Shocktrooper - 0
Battle Droid 2-pk - 2

Battle Packs
Stormtrooper - 40
Rebel Trooper - 20 (sent a lot off to friends super cheap)
Chameleon Droid - 4
Commander Neyo - 4
Neyo's Grunt - 3
Felucia Grunt - 3
Felucia Bly - 3

Vintage Figures
Snowtrooper - 6

Comic Packs
ARC Trooper - 2

Order 66
Galactic Marine - 6
Commander Thire - 1
Commander Bow - 1
AT-RT Driver - 4
Airborne Trooper - 2
Kashyyyk Clone Trooper - 0 (don't ever want to even see one again)

Feel free to add more categories, other figures I missed.

Looking forward to seeing how may you guys all have...

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By Rune Haako
Super Battle Droid x5
Galactic Marine x4
Airborne Trooper x4
Mustafar Lava Miner x2
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By Dark Helmet
Galactic Marine x 3
Airborne Trooper x 6
Death Star Trooper x 7
Rebel Honor Guard x 6
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By BrentS
I haven't counted up my figures yet. I should do that. Although, for the most part my armies are pretty small. I've tried to cut back on army building this year.
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By YAK_Chewie
Ok, I'm up to 8 snowtroopers now. This figure is really drying up in my area, so I figure if I want them I better not pass on them or I'll be sorry later.

2 x Super Battle Droid
2 x Galactic Marine
1 x Airborne trooper
1 x Death star trooper

Looking for more, of course. Slim pickins' out there!


I forgot all about the order 66 packs and stuff:

6 x comic pack ARC trooper (I *NEED* more!!!! muahahahaha!!!)
3 x Felucia battle packs
1 x Tantive IV pack
3 x Windu's galactic marine
1 x Commander Bow
1 x Utapau gunner
1 x Blue airborne
1 x Commander Thire

Much to my chagrin, I have no Saleucami packs... but then again I refuse to set foot in Wal-Mart. Why, you ask? Cuz I feel like a shmuck when I go in there. My snobby-self feels it is a leper colony in there. Plus I'm not too crazy about their business practices and the way they treat their employees. I'm sure Target is the same... but at least I don't feel like as much of a shmuck in there heh.
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By YAK_Jayson
4x Airborne Troopers (Orange)
8x Airborne Troopers (Blue)
4x Galactic Marine (Maroon)
4x Galactic Marine (Purple)
4x Commander Bow
4x Commander Thire
4x AT-RT Driver (Utapau)
4x Clone Trooper (Kashyyyk)
3x Imperial Stormtroopers
3x McFett
3x McStormie
3x Jawas
3x VTSC/VTAC Snowtroopers
4x Rebel Honor Guards
4x Death Star Troopers
2x Super Battle Droids
4x Betrayal on Felucia Sets
2x Treachery on Saleucami Sets
2x TantiveIV Sets
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