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By Darth Kikinou


A *good* Bultar Swan! Darth Nihilus looks awesome! The Jango could be the best Jango ever, the one we've been waiting for!


Blurry as heck, but looks like we get the clone evolutions pack, the Sith, and Vader.
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By YAK_Chewie
Looks like we started a thread on this at the same time - I'll delete mine. 8)

I'm excited about these. Not exactly the best choice of figures I don't think in the Sith one, but what the heck, I'll buy it of course.

Jedi - Finally Qui Gon gets justice! I really hope this figure turns out good. The Bultar Swan will be very welcome, she's really getting attention all of a sudden from Hasbro! Which is fine by me. And Luke, while I'm not totally excited about, will be fun to have a NJO figure of.

Sith - Darth Bane, to me has always looked stupid.


What a lame design, really looks like some sort of He-Man design or something. Yuck. I'll use it only for custom parts, if even that.

Nihilus, on the other hand is VERY welcome to the line. Evil looking and personifies the feel of the Sith.

Maul, I hate the shirtless design almost as much as Darth Bane. What a shame to not get something better, like a ROTJ version of Palpatine. Damnit!

Fetts - Holy crap, YES!!!! I'm so glad they are doing this. Look at Mandalore!! Ultimate custom fodder here plus it's just cool looking as is! Boba is fine but look at Jango! Whoo hoo, this is such a great set, count me in for a few!

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By Darth Kikinou
Sorry to steal your thunder with this thread Chewie ;)

Boy you're not kidding about Darth Bane, ridiculous. I'm a bit confused about the Mandalorian set. Is Boba there supposed to be the guy with the pasty white face and beard? And the guy in the middle, just goes by "Mandalore", as in the founder of the Mandalorian order?

Hey the Sith pack will provide you with some relief for your insatiable appetite for the Maul legs ;)

And what is NJO, as in NJO Luke?
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By YAK_Chewie
NJO (New Jedi Order) - The New Jedi Order was the restored and reformed Jedi organization, in the wake of the Great Jedi Purge and subsequent fall of the Galactic Empire. The Jedi Knights, reduced in number to only a handful, were slowly restored, primarily under the leadership of Luke Skywalker, son of the former Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker.


As for the Maul, I have a feeling they will sculpt new legs for him in his training gear but the old version is going to be nice to see at retail again too.

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By Darth Kikinou
OK the excitement has worn off and my critical eye has taken over... I don't like Jango's quadricep armor, it's too small. And all the armor is too dull. A perfect Jango would have shiny mirror finish armor. Feh! :)

I _really_ want to see what the wave 8 Jango looks like under his poncho (heh, strip Jango strip!) as well as the rain clone.
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By jedistyle
this is definetley somthing that parallel's the force unleashed line for me. these are great!

jedi evo: i'll grab at least 2 of these

qui gon - not bad. coul dbe better. he looks way to skinny and lanky and i don't much care for the hard swivel obiwan style torso.

bultar swan - an outstanding geonosis arena style bultar. and thses legs will be easy to transplant over to the comic pack bultar, providing they have the same height. great figure!

njo luke - thi sone is another great figure. i don't much care if it's luke or not, i'm just looking at it from a customizing aspect, andit will be very cool for some new jedi customs.

sith evo: i'm in for 4 ot 5 of these ones, mabey more.

bane - i think this one is great. it's cool to see hasbro visiting such EU charecters as bane. he may not look like modern day SW style, bu he's from a different time. and i think that he might make some pretty good custom fodder also.

nihilus - this is an awsome figure. i can't belive they are going to make him. this gives me hope for a darth zion and kreia. this figure looks great though. very true to the game and will make some outstanding custom fodder.

maul - it will be cool to have an SA shirtless training maul. i like all the tat's. but it dosn't really have much customizing potential and i really have no need for several, so i'm sure i'll have plenty of these to trade and sell off.

evo fetts: 8, probably more.........

boba - a great boba. this is far better than the votc boba. the detail and paint apps look great. i love the gloves and belt. unfortunatley it looks like thi sone is to short just like the others, but still a great figure.

mandalore - antoher amazing EU charecter and a very cool looing figure. this one has unlimited customizing potential, cool accesories and is just an all round solid figure.

jango - finally a SA jango. he looks great. i'm sure many people can pick thi sone apart and say this isn't the right size or that isn't right, but for me this is an amazing figure and i'm glad to see it being made. th belt looks good and the functioning holsters are sick. awsome figure!

great new stuff coming out, really looking forward to it and some great pics! :D
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By Paulskywalker
Jinn is tall and lanky so he is correct.

Loving these and everything else!
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By saddestwookiee
I am loving these!

Qui-Gon Jinn: He looks very well done. Does his chin seem odd to anyone else?

Bultar Swan- I will take her over the comic-pack version, that's for sure!

New Jedi Order Luke- This is exciting! However, I hope he looks old, like he should. And what's up with the odd colored robes?

Darth Bane- I'll wait for a better picture to comment, really. I want to see how his head is done.

Darth Nihlus- Ooooooh! Wonderful! I love the cape, especially.

Darth Maul- Meh...

Mandalore- Looks very well done!

Jango- Need I say more than "woo hoo!"?

Boba Fett- Nice! And, in the ESB color scheme, too!
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By BrentS
I'm loving everything about these sets. I'm so happy Hasbro is bringing these Evo sets back. I loved them!
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By Lance Quazar
NO ONE can say Hasbro doesn't listen ever again.

We demanded more Evo - we got more Evo.

We demanded SA Jango - we got SA Jango.

We demanded SA Qui Gon - we got SA Qui Gon.

We demanded a retooled SA Boba - we got a retooled SA Boba.

This is awesome news.

Personally, each set is really a 2/3 proposition for me.

Darth Bane looks ridiculous - I don't blame Hasbro, I blame whatever silly comic book hack came up with that dreadful design.

Nihilus is awesome and I'll even take an SA Shirtless Maul. Cool.

Jedi pack:

Qui Gon - Finally! Looks very good.

Luke - um...sure. Why not? Hope he comes with a robe.

Bultar Swan - well...I think there are more important Jedi they should have used before her. Wouldn't an SA Aayla have been amazing? Or a retooled Bariss Offee. Especially since she's getting comic treatment, I would have rather seen someone else. Still, she looks great.

Mandalorian pack:

SA Jango is the star of this set. Looks gorgeous.

Boba looks awesome, too, but not crazy about the headwrap thingy.

Mandalore - absolutely no clue who this is. Don't care. Looks goofy. Will probably sell or trade.

But even with those shortcomings, I am extremely jazzed! Welcome back, Evolutions!
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By Fritzkrieg
Wow! Those are some sweet figs.

The Mando Set is by far my favorite.
The Mandalore looks awsome.

If these stay at the $20.00 price point It'll be a bargain.
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By The Professor
I'm really excited about the Mandalore and Jedi sets.
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