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By Darth Wolven
Paulskywalker wrote:Here are the photos of the invisible band trick; it maybe a bit subtle.

This pic is of the AT ST in it's normal limp droopy switched off look

This is it with the invisble band on, looks a lot better more active.

Here the band is pulled tight onto the grey square and now it looks like the TESB version of the vehicle.

I put the band here on the top part of the hinge, it slipped through the gap without having to disconnect it and then i took the band underneath the body and hooked it to the other sides hinge.

For the first one i placed the band here and you can't see it.Image

For the TESB version i put the band on the square, sadly it's a little more visible.

Thats a great trick. Thanks a lot Paul, I'll have have to give it a try sometime.

YAK_Chewie wrote:Man I can't wait to get this... now THIS is an awesome Christmas present...



That's a great looking pack apart from that dreadful pre posed POTF2 rebel.
Well luckily for me i got mine sent from the USA because the ones sold here in the UK in TRU had the two VOTC Snowtroopers replaced with i think it was either Potf2 or TSC Snowtroopers.
Darth Kikinou wrote:That reminds me, this years SBP is just two mid-size ships (Obi's and Grievous' starfighter) with the animated characters as pilots. Is there another one too?

No, and I think that one is a TRU exclusive in the UK.

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