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By Paulskywalker
Two noticable differences on the laser turret that i've seen is their is a new base for it because the rim on it was mold to the snow trench base originally and the barrel looks different.
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By YAK_Jayson
Here is the Target DCPIfor this set for those who use such things :wink:

087-06-0112 Battle of Hoth Ultimate Battle Pack
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By Incom
The two Snowtroopers on the right are the VTAC ones, the other Snowtrooper clearly is the Saga/OTC one. And no tri-pod cannon?! :shock:
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By Paulskywalker
Target catalogue pic:


How brilliant is that new improved Turret!
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By YAK_Chewie
The turret looks beautiful. And some people didn't think it was new...

There's news that these will only be available for one week... personally, I think that's bad information and that the only limitation will be that the "winner" will be selected from their purchase during that one week.

Here's what Jedidefender is reporting at least -

First, the battlepacks will be available as a One Week Exclusive, starting the day after Thanksgiving (much like the Imperial Shuttle Tydirium from 2006). This is part of Target's "Wow Or Never" event.

For the entire article CLICK HERE

Rebelscum isn't reporting anything of the sort, at least not yet.


If this stuff is really supposed to be available for only one week in stores, I'd like to see it officially from either Target or Hasbro.

Hopefully someone is just misinformed, because a one week exclusive, especially on something like this, sucks.

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By Paulskywalker
How ridiculous how are they supposed to make a profit on it?
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By Niktom
If that is true.... sounds like a setup for major scalping. :?

I can see the justification behind it but dang! These are some great look battle packs with decent prices.

I'll be at Target the day after Thanksgiving so if this does happen I may try to pick up a couple of extras for folks that may miss out.
By CloneTrooperJR
Paulskywalker wrote:How ridiculous how are they supposed to make a profit on it?

Hmm, makes sense. Hasbro takes very little cash to make these this time round - with all things sculpts they have - so they don't lose money there. Then, they're selling Target the item's MSRP - 80% so that makes it 40$. So it's 10$ profit per pack for target - yep..., and Hasbro only needs to profit from the designing costs - which is probably very little. So if it DOES sell for 1 week, they will still profit... Maybe less, but still enough.. It's called Limited Time Offer for a reason
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By Paulskywalker
Yeah but Limited time offer! limits the amount of people who buy one and limits the full potential and exposure of a product that would make a lot more over time.

What about the kids who have to save up or have to be told by parents "sorry Jimmy we couldn't get it because it was only available for a week and we wer not fully aware"

Adult also have to save or would like it but their finances lay else where that week, so on and so forth etc!

I don't know why so many retailers/companies go again'st the main principles of business these days?
By Lance Quazar
Wow, I really dig that turret. I may have to get this set and sell off the pieces I don't need. I hope the Luke's paint job is better than these pictures would indicate.
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By Paulskywalker
There is a picture at GH of it next to the old POTF2 turret and the new one is way bigger.
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