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By YAK_Jayson
Rebelscum has posted test shots of some of the repacks for next year's TAC08 line.

Anakin Skywalker (Nelvann)
Romba & Graak
Clone Trooper (Hawkbat Battalion)
Clone Trooper (E2 Training Jammies)
Destroyer Droid
Rebel Vanguard Trooper

At least it's good that they are all army builders (except Anakin obviously)

Your thoughts?
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By Paulskywalker
Pitty they didn't do a head swap on the Rebel while they were at it!
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By YAK_Chewie
Hmmm... here's my thoughts -

Anakin Skywalker (Nelvann) - Really a figure that does not need to be repacked from my point of view. If they want something from TAC to throw back into the mix, there's so many other figures that are more deserving.

Romba & Graak - This repack makes sense and is welcome.

Clone Trooper (Hawkbat Battalion) - Sure, no problem here but is the black line above the helmet visor really not painted?

Clone Trooper (E2 Training Jammies) - No problem here. Probably a pegwarmer as far as clones go, but I like it.

Destroyer Droid - Works for me!

Rebel Vanguard Trooper - At least give this guy a different head Hasbro... I really am liking this figure less each time I see it.

Decent for a repacked wave, and a good thing it's mostly army builders. Though I think we've got some pegwarmers here. A Tantive IV Stormtrooper or something should replace the Anakin or Rebel.

By CloneTrooperJR
Hmm, I actually like them all. And that Anakin is quite good for fodders. So I'll take it. I agree with Cheiwie about the Vanguard though... He seems so Boring.

Now, Cmon Hasbro - I know you wanna give us McQ Fans the entire collection - Just without coins :D
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By The Professor
While they are repacks, they are part of later assortments. Wave 1 of 2008 will come in several different varieties. If anything, it should mean that people who miss/will miss these figures the first time will get a second chance. I'm all for it.
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By Niktom
Hmm... I noticed that on the Vanguardthe stand is a Battlefront II stand and not the EU one. Wonder if that means we will see more from the sets repacked? Hard to believe they would work up a totally new stand and not use it more. Or do those battle packs come with stands?
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By Paulskywalker
The droid set does have stands visible through the packaging, but as you said why make BF2 stands if your not going to us them that often. Could this be a hint of more to come?
By CloneTrooperJR
SImply. there was a stand created because they knew we won't like 7 cruddy figures... So figured... 5 BF2 Stands might work. And then they decide it's good for Vanguard as well! :lol:
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By red_skeleton7
This repack I have no opinion on, until I see how hard they are to find before this. Hopefully none of them are pegwarmers before the re-release, or they will double pegwarm. AUGH!!! That would be scarey!!
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