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By CloneTrooperJR
Rebelscum: With the popularity of the McQuarrie figures this year and their impossibility to find on peghooks, I know you are good at getting more out in later wave revisions, but have you considered releasing a wave of nothing but McQuarrie figures? There's enough out there to put only 1-2 of each per case...

Hasbro: What you suggest would be a poisonous mix for the kid fan who is focused on the main characters. While you might say "that's what Saga Legends is for!" it's vital that each and every case pack of both lines offer attraction for the kid audience. Instead, we'll be chasing the figures, to the best we can...but with demand running even hotter than we can chase, the basic figure line basically wrapping up at the end of June to make way for the new Fall 2008 basic figure line, and three great waves of basic figures still to go in Spring....the slots in which we can re-pack and chase the McQs are not going to be as great as hoped and some of these figures are probably going to remain scarce. There are still quite a few figures and waves shipping, and we're not deliberately shorting any
figure, so we're hopeful fans can still find what they need.

Three Waves?
Wave 1: RotS
Wave 2: TFU
Wave 3 : ANH or ESB. Depending on which figure from the battlepack it is :P . And if theres only 3 waves, I'm pretty happy. More money saved for bigger things.
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By YAK_Chewie
Hmmm... I'm glad to see there's only three waves planned. I've spent so much money in 2007, that I'm going to need a break in the next few months... but Wave 1 and TFU look so damn cool, that's the equivalent of probably 50 figures that I'll buy from them including army builders and some custom fodder. So, I'm screwed. :shock: 8) :)

Regarding a case of nothing but McQuarrie figures, I don't want to see that... so I agree them. I'd rather just see them repack them sporadically.

But in regards to saving money... Indy IV... oh God.

By CloneTrooperJR
From what I know and the Q&A... After the 3 waves, it will transit into the Clone Wars Line. So First Wave of Clone Wars "can be" (In a way) considered as Wave 4. So there is no break - but rather, a card change.

Then, 1 month later - the Classical Line comes into play.
By CloneTrooperJR
Okay, then I'll help you out.
Alongside with the "The Clone Wars" line up of figures, is a line currently called "The Classic Line" by Hasbro which is subject to change. This line does not just cover the OT aspect which the name suggests, but rather PT and EU as well. The Card Design will change into a new style which has never been used for Star Wars (My sources tells me it's going to be Indy Style Packaging).

In this Classical Line, it is confirmed to have ONE wave of RotJ figures, In that wave, there will be a Female character and or a Droid. Speculations are Slave Leia and another R2-D2.
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By jedistyle
no matter what the cards look like it still sounds like a full year of figures to me! :wink:

TFU & CW lines are really what im looking forward too. hopefully the CW wave will be good.
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By smartypants1635
Man I still need to catch up with last year I couldnt snag the last waves, but this year is gonna be a full year?? I wish they would take a break after these 3 till fall. :(
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By YAK_Chewie
The more I think about it, three waves is MORE than enough for me to try and track down over the next few months. Especially considering there's a lot of army builders that I want several of.

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By Darth Kikinou
YAK_Chewie wrote:The more I think about it, three waves is MORE than enough for me to try and track down over the next few months. Especially considering there's a lot of army builders that I want several of.


I'll take everything they throw our way as long as a good 1 in 5 figures are any good :)
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