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By jedibyron
still didn't get the helmet spot on did they...

overall he looks a heck of alot better than a #41 SA Clone with some green paint.

i'm really excited about the added articulation... wouldn't mind a bit if this became the new clone standard... :) but then knowing hasbro they'd repaint this one with all the colors they did with the SA clone....

give me a Gray Coruscant loading dock trooper and a better Cmdr. Bacara and then i MIGHT be satisfied... hm i think i'm a clone addict.
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By bigdawg440
My name is bigdawg I am a CLONE ADDICT
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By YAK_Chewie
I agree, the new articulation would be a nice addition to future clones... but I don't want to see them go the removable helmet route... unless they can make a new sculpt for Phase 2 clones that isn't so bulky.

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By jedibyron
i think the helmet they did for Cody was good...... BUT people didn't like the size of his head... so i don't know... i agree though the helment is a bit too big and not as fine details.
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By YAK_Chewie
Yeah on Cody they got the helmet right but he was a pin head... I don't see why they don't make the figures with interchangeable heads, which would solve this problem.

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By jedibyron
YES!!! i didn't think of that.... perfect idea. worked well with the McFett and the comic obiwan... plus it'd be sooooooooo cool for customizers...
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By Incom
He looks good enough, at least way better than that first dreadful attempt.

I prefer my clones with bulb necks. I really don't care for the umptieth Tem Morrison mug on a clone body. I mean, we only saw one Clone sans helmet and that's Cody (safe for some of his grunts). I agree with Chewie that the removable helmets are way too big.

Best exectution so far has been the EE Ep2 Clones, which have a coat of black on the bottom half of the bulb post. At least, that's my oponion... opinion.
By dalekalex
i think they got him perfect this time around it looks way better than the origanal rots version :D i like the removable helmet and replacing that rediculously oversized gun with a dc-15 blaster pistol and binoculars

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