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By YAK_Chewie
I plan on displaying them in boxes with packing material protecting them for the people that collect these things. Meaning I don't collect chase stuff like this; if I see them, I'll pick them up and trade them to Yakkers that need them.

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By Commander DiFabio
I think these will be a bit easier to find then last year, but that could just be wishful thinking. I hope I get all 12, last year was pretty difficult and I ended up getting a helping hand from a friend for some and buying them online from stores for the rest. I think it's a pretty decent idea, but I like the ones from last year better these seem kind of bland. Unfortunately I'm addicted(but I'm no completist) so I'll have to go out for the hunt. I'm getting eager I just want them to show up already. Good luck to others interested.

Oh and as you mentioned Commander_1138(I love yours Chewie 8) )
I plan on displaying mine with the Walmart displays that came with the Vintage figures, just like I did for last years UGH chase figures. No need to open these and stick them in the album.
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By Gorkoracing
I actually think they'll be a bit harder to come by this year well certain ones at least. Of course all the mcquarrie figs and the animated fett. I didnt have a problem getting them last year at all and actually ended up with a couple sets and was hoping to trade a US for canadian version set but didnt get very far. I've only managed to pick up about 6 different canadian ugh figures from last year so I actually hope they dont make canadian versions this year. The standard canadian mcfetts have been selling for crazy amounts I saw one go for $96 so I can only imagine how much i'd have to pay for a UGH version if my contact up there cant find it.
By Jedimaster-c
I would have figured the current Mcqaurrie figures would be UGH fodder.The thing that is interesting is one of the assortments has a basic Animated Fett and the UGH version.The thing I have learned about this stuff is that you sometimes this stuff can punch you in the face.What I mean is last year I went to a Walmart and was not expecting anything and bam,I found not only the basic Cody but the UGH one as well.
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By Commander DiFabio
Yeah this Boba mirrors Cody exactly. They both had a revision case deticated to not only the basic figure but the UGH version also.
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By jedistyle
i don't collect the coins, so this bonus is sort of a let down for me. i actually have 2 full sets of sticker tabs ready to be mailed for these sets. i just haven't got around to sending them. :)
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By Commander DiFabio
Any day now. The suspense is killing me. :twisted:
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By darth_frisco
I have no interest in the coin set, but at this point I have accumulated 7 of the mail in stickers from the '07 VOTC (I thought I had more but I must have lost some of them). if anybody wants them send me a message with a mailing address and I'll send em to you. hate to just waste them. first come first served

Edit: OK, somebody emailed me so they are gone
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By Gorkoracing
Here's a look at how the canadian UGH figures will look. Not out yet and this wasnt found in a store. Canada still hasnt even gotten wave 3 yet :(
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By Commander DiFabio
Well they hit Ebay, and Wave 4 has just hit. Shouldn't be that much longer, can't wait. :twisted:
By Jedimaster-c
With way my stores treat Star Wars figures.I won't be seeing these for a month.Alabam is the last place to get anything new.Our stores treat Star Wars like the black death.
By terman123
Ordered the four cases so I could get the complete set of UGH.
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By Commander DiFabio
Still need 12 more. Thankfully I haven't seen a sighting in PA so I'm not that worried. The wait for the UGH figures and Wave 4 in general is killing me.
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