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By Lance Quazar
Heck, I'd buy this vehicle if we had a well-articulated Cairo thug with soft goods that could actually SIT in the damn thing AND hold the machine gun on the running board as shown in the damn BOX ART!!

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By YAK_Chewie
Found a troop car at Target today - was very happy to see one at retail again... not sure if it was part of a new assortment or a return, but I bought it.

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By Diddly
I also spotted a troop car at Target (with 3 Jungle Cutters) but had to pass since I blew all my spare cash on a DVD sale at Best Buy. I haven't seen one since May so I hope Hasbro starts shipping them again.
By Lance Quazar
Aw, crap, I knew this would happen!

Just bought a troop car from a forum member. Though the price was fair, the shipping adds up. I just know I'll see 'em on the shelves before I even take delivery.


Well, I may get a second at some point.... hee hee.....
By Robo-Quack
All I ever see is Jungle Cutters and the occassional Cargo Truck. I've only seen a Troop Car once and I get a Jungle Cutter! :cry:
By Lance Quazar
Finally got the troop car yesterday and it's ridiculous how much I love this awesome toy.

I was pissed that the price at TRU was $23.99! WTF? What happened to $19.99 like back in May? That's a huge mark-up. The figures are now at $7.99, too. It's nuts.

That said, this vehicle is just fantastic, even with the goofy oversized gun.

I'm having a blast posing it with figures in various chase/fight scenarios.

I really do hope we see some more vehicles of this quality in 09.
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By YAK_Jayson
YAK_Chewie wrote:I knew Target was $7.99 per figure now... you mean TRU is too? :shock:


I saw them for $8 at TRU today too.
By zedhatch
Its time like these I hate the fact I love so much stuff. :D
By Lance Quazar
Troop car review:

This is a marvelous toy. The inclusion of the 3 barrels and the break-away barricade is a fantastic touch for kids and collectors alike, giving the kids plenty of play value and the grown-ups items to enhance any display or diorama. Well-done, Hasbro. Great thinking here with the accessories.

The vehicle itself looks terrific. Without consulting the ol' DVDs, it looks like a terrific representation of the vehicle from the movie with the one obvious exception being the large, goofy "missile-firing" machine gun.

Personally, even as a kid I was never a fan of the feeble "firing" effect on toys. My own imagination and pint-sized fingertips were a far more effective rocket fuel than a tiny spring and some plastic and I never, ever failed to hit my target. Oh, well, hardly a deal-breaker here.

Though, like many more serious, adult WWII collectors, I will endeavor to replace the oversized machine gun with something more properly scaled and period accurate at some point. I'm told the 4LOM gun is a perfect match for those needs.

I definitely appreciate the pivoting platform in the rear compartment, though, where you can place one figure and have him pivot the gun and himself from side to side with a little control feature on the fear of the vehicle.

The only other extremely minor nitpick is being able to see the large screw on the back where the spare tire is. This is a very minor complaint in an otherwise great vehicle.

The car itself seats four easily in the seats, one more can stand in the aforementioned rear machine gun compartment and there is room for four more figures on the running boards. You can really overload this baby with all the German cannon fodder your Indy needs to kick some [censored] (though I currently have Russians in mine for no real reason.)

Anyway, this vehicle easily rates an "A" - the wonky gun keeps it from being an "A+", but it is still a fantastic toy which should appeal to kids and adults. Very serious "adult" collectors might take issue with the monochromatic color scheme and absolute lack of weathering. To those people, I say "pick up a brush and go crazy!"

I have no idea what the future of the Indy line might hold, but their vehicle releases so far - the Troop Car, truck and motorcycle, have all been outstanding.
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By YAK_Chewie
Yeah, I agree with you Lance - the Troop Car is awesome. I've bought and opened three of them now.

Back to basic figure prices - my TRU still has them at $6.99...

zedhatch wrote:Its time like these I hate the fact I love so much stuff. :D

Very true indeed, I have scaled back up to this year, now its a 1/18th scale dream year,damn prices are a lil steep,but take what ya can while you can.
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By Paulskywalker
I saw the ROTLA vehicles in TRU yesterday and was surprised how small the boxes were, would of go tone but my budget ran out. :(
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By Diddly
Saw something weird at Wal-Mart today... Troop Cars and Jungle Cutters? I haven't seen a Cargo Truck since they announced the V2 one, coincidence?

Oh, I snagged one of the Troop Cars too. :D
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